The Impact: Updates from August 2021

Feature Update

Improvements to the Volunteer Experience

This month, we gave our volunteer experience a huge refresh: our new redesigned web inbox and mobile app give volunteers the power to manage and navigate actions, conversations, and contacts much more easily. Plus, volunteers will interact with one campaign at a time on the mobile app, giving them more time to take action.

Read more about these changes in our updated blog post, or check out the recording of our live demo.

Webinar Recap

In our latest webinar, experts from Impactive shared best practices for expanding and enhancing volunteer programs. The webinar focused on ways to recruit more volunteers, train volunteers effectively and efficiently, and keep volunteers motivated. 

If you missed the webinar, access the full recording here.

On the Blog

Check out the highlights from last week’s webinar, which include five ways for organizers to boost the impact of their volunteer program! 

Read the post here.

Text banking is an essential part of digital organizing. These are our top five tips for running seamless text banks.

Read the post here.

Client Spotlight

Immunize Nevada is using Impactive to reach out to Nevadans across the state to share important information about COVID-19 and ways to get vaccinated. Their organizing philosophy centers on fighting disinformation and making Nevadans safer!

Helpful Resources

Looking for ways to increase the quality of peer-to-peer conversations? Assign volunteers to text contacts they’re familiar with! Visit our Help Center to learn how to assign users to specific contacts:

📋  Assigning volunteers to turfs, precincts, and more 

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