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Why did Outvote rebrand to Impactive?

Outvote rebranded to Impactive to make clear that our mission is to help any and all progressive social impact organizations and advocacy groups. We remain committed to our political and electoral work, and also look forward to welcoming many more nonprofit organizations as Impactive partners.

What are some example use cases for Impactive?

Impactive is the perfect tool for any campaign, advocacy organization, community-based organization, union, nonprofit, or even company trying to build an audience and engage volunteers in positive social impact.

For example, advocacy organizations use Impactive to spread the word about upcoming events or petitions (friends and family messaging, peer-to-peer texting, or broadcast texting). Campaigns use Impactive to send volunteers into the field to identify supporters (open canvassing). Unions use Impactive to increase membership through personal invitations from existing members (friends and family messaging). Nonprofits use Impactive to raise money (friends and family messaging or broadcast texting).

For more examples of how our partners use Impactive, browse our case studies.

How quickly can we get started?

Our sales and client strategy teams can move quickly to activate your campaign. Start by reaching out to our team to schedule a demo; after speaking with you, we can typically activate new licenses within 24 hours.

Does Impactive offer trainings or webinars to help us onboard?

Yes! Organizations on our Professional and Enterprise plans receive an organizing and campaign strategy workshop to help them integrate Impactive into their current programming. In addition, Enterprise clients receive a dedicated client strategy advisor who is always available to answer questions and troubleshoot. Organizations on our Standard plan are encouraged to visit our help center for helpful videos and articles.

How do we write effective scripts for peer-to-peer texting?

Check out this article for plenty of peer-to-peer script suggestions.

Can we use Impactive if we use another vendor for SMS?

Yes! Many clients use our friends and family messaging, social media sharing, branded voter registration page, and open canvassing features without using peer-to-peer texting. We work with many clients who have other SMS partnerships.

Can we use Impactive for voter registration?

Yes! Impactive allows any organization to create a branded voter registration page. Prospective voters visit these landing pages and complete a simple, three-step process to confirm their registration. Links to these voter registration landing pages can be sent via friends and family messaging, peer-to-peer texting, or broadcast texting for maximum distribution.

How can we fundraise on Impactive?

Impactive partners share fundraising links from campaigns on ActBlue, GoFundMe, and more with their volunteers. Volunteers can distribute these links via friends and family messaging, peer-to-peer texting, broadcast texting, or social media sharing to spread the word. Administrators can also create “Open a Webpage” actions that direct volunteers directly to fundraising pages.

How can we analyze data from our Impactive actions?

Administrators can view data from their Impactive actions on the administrator dashboard. For example, after a peer-to-peer SMS campaign, administrators can view how many messages were sent by volunteers, how many conversations were initiated, how many tags were filed, and more. Administrators can also export data to a CSV, which is promptly emailed to all administrators on the campaign license after the CSV is requested through the Impactive administrator dashboard.

How can I learn more about the administrator dashboard?

This article shares more detail about managing volunteers and contacts in the Impactive administrator dashboard. For more help using Impactive as an administrator, check out our help center.

How do we set up an integration with NGP VAN or Political Data Inc. (PDI)?

Integrations are managed in the Impactive administrator dashboard. This article offers a video tutorial to help you integrate your tools.

Can we get a white-labeled app for our organization?

Impactive partners with select Enterprise level clients to create white-labeled apps with custom branding and functionality. We’ll meet to determine your objectives, then Impactive’s product and engineering team will develop the white-labeled app with ongoing revisions as needed. For more information about the white-labeling process, including pricing, please contact Jamie McGonnigal, VP of Sales, at

How can I volunteer with campaigns and causes on Impactive?

The best way to get involved with Impactive is to download our app on the App Store or Google Play Store and find a campaign or organization to get involved with. Learn more about joining campaigns as a volunteer here.

Can I use Impactive to request my absentee ballot?

Yes! Using a branded voter registration page from an Impactive partner, prospective voters can request absentee ballots depending on the laws in their states.

Do text messages get sent from volunteers’ phone numbers?

For friends and family messaging, yes: volunteers text their personal contacts using their phone number (so their contacts will know who’s messaging them!). Pre-scripted texts are sent through volunteers’ native texting apps, such as iMessage.

For peer-to-peer text messages, no: message recipients do not see volunteers’ personal phone numbers. Texts will be sent through Impactive using a randomly-generated phone number, and responses will be viewable in volunteers’ Impactive inboxes.


Friends and Family Messaging 

Volunteers can reach out to their personal networks to get involved and take action. A single message makes someone 10% more likely to take action themselves.


Peer-to-Peer Texting 

Upload a list of phone numbers to facilitate thousands of 1:1 text conversations per hour between volunteers and voters. 90% of text messages are opened within the first 3 minutes of receiving them.


Broadcast Texting 

Send mass text messages to your opted-in subscribers and volunteers with fundraising appeals, announcements, calls to action, and more.


Teams and Leaderboards 

Volunteers can invite their friends and build teams to compete against each other to reach the top of the leaderboard.


Video Story Collection

Volunteers can share a personal video (or photo) about why they support your campaign, initiative, or organization.


Open Canvassing 

Volunteers can easily report back on the conversations they’re having, either online or in the field.


Social Media Sharing 

Volunteers can share written content, media, or video links to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.


Voter File Matching 

Volunteers can match their personal contacts with the national voter file, filtering on party affiliation and voting frequency. This feature is optional and can be disabled for non-profit organizations. 


Branded Voter Registration Page 

Create a branded, customized landing page where anyone can check their voter registration and find all the information they need to vote by mail or in person.


Seamless Mobile Opt-In 

Anyone can opt in to take action with just two clicks from their phone.


Trackable Custom Links 

Measure each individual volunteer’s engagement via custom, trackable short links in peer-to-peer, friend-to-friend, or broadcast texting.


Target Contact Matching 

Upload a target list to allow your volunteers to engage with personal contacts that match that list.

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