branded voter registration page

Create a branded, customized landing page where anyone can check their voter registration and find all the information they need to vote by mail or in person. Strengthen our democracy by promoting civic engagement, all within one consistently-branded universe. 


branded voter registration page


Branded Landing Page

Customize a branded landing page where anyone can check their registration

Dynamic Variables

Create dynamic voting text scripts leveraging the data gathered through landing pages

State-by-State Voting Rules

Impactive auto-populates voting rules on a carefully researched, state-by-state basis

Relational Organizing

Volunteers can distribute voter registration links to their personal contacts, boosting GOTV

Voter Registration Features

TargetSmart Voter file

Easily match voters to the national voter file to check their registration status

Text Follow-Up Flows

Volunteers can text voters to remind them to vote confirm their voting plan based on data collected from landing pages


Expanded Absentee Ballot Access

Bourdeaux’s campaign used Impactive to supplement their in-person organizing, specifically to disseminate voter information about Georgia’s new absentee ballot program. The campaign sent 221,683 messages and reached 38,890 voters, padding their margin of victory. 

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