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Boost civic engagement with a custom voter registration campaign built to support community-driven outreach. Our high-powered voter registration tool syncs directly to our texting tools, so you can engage voters from initial registration check all the way to Election Day.


Partner with social media influencers and community leaders to activate voters and drive more registration checks. Create landing pages for each of your partner influencers and watch registrations roll in as influencers prompt their followers to take action.


Motivate voters to share their personalized, trackable referral links with friends and family to earn points towards incentives. In 2020, Up to Us collaborated with TikTok influencers to host a Tesla giveaway that resulted in over 40,000 voter registrations.


All contact details from voter registration checks sync back to your Impactive campaign, so you can start engaging voters from the day they check their registration. Learn how to leverage Impactive’s outreach tools for civic participation here.

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Up to Us, a collective of young leaders taking action. Up to Us partnered with Impactive to build a voter outreach campaign targeting Gen Z voters. Promotion from TikTok influencers and a Tesla giveaway incentive drove over 40,000 voter registrations.

Conor Sanchez O’Shea
Up to Us

"Impactive was the perfect partner for our viral voter registration campaign. The tool was flexible enough for us to customize our campaign, with built-in gamification and referral capabilities. With Impactive as our underlying voter registration technology, our influencers were able to drive hundreds of thousands of Gen Z voters to take action."


campaigns and organizations trust Impactive to organize and mobilize their volunteers.

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We’re bringing exciting, new features to drive civic engagement for voters. Here’s how Impactive can elevate your voter mobilization programs to a new level:
Interactive Content

Embed videos, streaming links, and more to connect influencers with voters.

Voter File Matching

Voters are matched to the national voter file via TargetSmart.

Synced Contact Lists

Contacts from voter registration pages sync to Impactive for seamless follow-up.

Referral Links

Voters can multiply their impact with personalized, trackable referral links.

Display Incentives

Motivate voters to spread the word with incentives displayed right on the page.

Custom Pages

Customize your voter registration pages for brand consistency.

Performance Tracking

Track registration checks, referrals, points, and more.

Voting Dates and Deadlines

Voting rules are auto-populated on a state-by-state basis.

CRM Integrations

Sync data to NGP VAN, PDI, Salsa Labs, and more.

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Our platform is trusted by leading organizations like DCCC and the League of Conservation Voters. With constant security updates and frequent security audits, you can trust that your program is safe with us.



We’re experts in providing tools that activate relationship-driven mobilization. Impact organizations of all sizes use our platform to connect to supporters and their personal networks to spark collective action.



Our tools are streamlined and easy to use for the ultimate admin and volunteer experience. Plus, our support team can help you customize Impactive to your program’s unique needs.

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... plus Video Story Collection, Social Media Amplification, and much more 🎉

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