Teams and leaderboards

Volunteers can invite their friends and build teams to compete against each other to reach the top of the leaderboard.


Teams and leaderboards


Volunteer Leader Empowerment

Volunteers create their own teams, invite friends to join, and rise to the top of the weekly leaderboard

Message Team Members

Send direct messages to team leads and give shout outs to top performers

Organize Affinity Groups in Teams

Invite volunteers into staff-hosted teams based on location, or self-selected demographics, and affinities

Incentivize Teams to Outperform

Reward points for actions completed on Impactive and offer perks and rewards for top engagement

"We were successful at mobilizing newly-engaged suburban women by using Impactive. Suburban ladies are constantly on the go - but they always have their phones! Our volunteers regularly post on social media and message friends - Impactive turned these everyday actions into activism."

- Julie Womack,
Organizing Director at Red, Wine, & Blue

”Relational organizing -- training voters to reach out to their friends and family -- is one of the most effective strategies for increasing turnout. Data from the 2018 midterms and Community Change Action’s own experiments showed that this form of outreach is far more impactive than text messages from strangers.”

- Kristee Paschall, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Community Change


Grassroots-Led Teams

Volunteers can create their own teams, invite friends to join, and rise to the top of the weekly leaderboard.

Weekly Point Tracker

7-day rolling points totals reset weekly to incentivize continuous engagement

Foster Competition

Fosters friendly competition between volunteer captains

Organize by Affinity Group

Volunteers can join teams based on location, or self-selected demographics/affinities

Unlimited Teams

Volunteers can build and nurture multiple teams

Empower Leaders

Quantify and reward organizers’ weekly actions


Community Change Action

Through relational organizing (and tapping into their volunteers’ innate sense of community), Community Change Action held tens of thousands conversations with friends and family on Impactive across all of their affiliate organizations in 2020. 

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