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With up to 99% open rates, SMS is the ideal way to reach your donors in your most important fundraising moments. Blast out thousands or millions of texts in minutes, with ActBlue integration, message personalization, and more.

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Import a contact list (from ActBlue, VAN, or via CSV), write a script, and blast out messages in minutes. Broadcast Texting is the fastest way to send donation appeals to your audience.


Cut segmented contact lists based on donation history or other custom data, and personalize message scripts with dynamic variables to send just the right message to just the right people.


Send fundraising blasts from a short code (ex. 55555), toll-free number, or regular 10-digit long code; Impactive supports any type of mass texting to cater your fundraising program to your needs.

Emma Weinert
Deputy Executive Director,
Iowa Senate Democrats

“Because of the NGP VAN integration within Impactive, we were able to merge field and fundraising (from a data perspective) more than I’ve ever been able to. We were able to match records from our fundraising database to VAN, then use Impactive to follow up with donors with a volunteer recruitment ask.”


campaigns and organizations trust Impactive to organize and mobilize their volunteers.

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Impactive’s best-in-class texting suite is built for performance, and our clients’ fundraising ROI proves it.
Fundraising Metrics

View fundraising stats for each texting campaign.

Import from ActBlue

Pull in donor lists from ActBlue for follow-up appeals.

Filter by Donation History

Cut lists of frequent donors, grassroots donors, and more.

Schedule Messages

Send blasts immediately, or schedule messages to send in advance.

Link Click Tracking

Measure click performance and follow up with those who didn’t click.


Sync your data from NGP VAN, ActBlue, Salsa Labs, and PDI to keep your records organized and updated.

SMS Safeguards

Impactive protects you from messaging landlines or opt-outs.

Multimedia Support

Send images or GIFs for more engaging fundraising appeals.

Proven Scale

We’ve powered high-scale texting campaigns with big-name campaigns for years.

10DLC & your texting program

Wondering how evolving “10DLC” regulations will affect your texting program? We’re 10DLC experts, with hundreds of millions of messages sent; our team will help you send texts without hassle. 
What is 10DLC?

“10DLC” is the colloquial term used in this industry to refer to evolving texting regulations enforced by mobile carriers like Verizon and AT&T. (If you were wondering, 10DLC technically refers to “10-digit long code,” which is a standard 10-digit phone number.) 

These regulations mean that all organizations doing texting (electoral, nonprofit, etc.) are required to register their “brand” and receive approval from third-party vetting agencies before they can send texts.

How do I register for 10DLC?

You’ll submit a straightforward registration form right within Impactive, and we’ll facilitate the rest. To submit your registration, all you’ll need is simple organization info like legal name, EIN, address, etc. Learn more about the registration process here

Political entities (campaigns, parties, PACs, etc.) may need to first obtain a Campaign Verify token before they can submit their registration form in Impactive; when you fill out your registration form in Impactive, we’ll let you know if you need to complete that process first. 

When can I start texting? 

10DLC registration must be submitted and approved before you can send any texts. Current registration timelines are anywhere from 1-3 weeks; unfortunately, there’s no way to expedite this process, as it’s managed by third parties. Given these timelines, we encourage all clients to register ASAP to get the process moving.

After you submit your registration form, you’ll be able to monitor your registration’s progress with our built-in status tracker within Impactive; you’ll receive emails when you’re approved for Peer-to-Peer Texting and Broadcast Texting, respectively. 

What else do I need to know?

We strongly recommend our clients to follow other guidelines set by 10DLC regulations, like Registration via Impactive is completely free, though if you’re a political entity requiring a Campaign Verify token, you’ll need to pay Campaign Verify’s $95 one-time fee. 

Even if you’ve registered before with a different vendor, you’ll need to re-register with Impactive; registration applies only to a specific texting “lane”, per-vendor. 

After your registration is approved, you’ll still need to take care to adhere to texting compliance best practices like identifying your brand in your scripts, including opt-out language in each initial message, and more. Those best practices are summarized here

To read more about 10DLC and what you can expect when you run your texting program this cycle, read our blog post here.

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Our platform is trusted by leading organizations like DCCC and the League of Conservation Voters. With constant security updates and frequent security audits, you can trust that your program is safe with us.



We’re experts in providing tools that activate relationship-driven mobilization. Impact organizations of all sizes use our platform to connect to supporters and their personal networks to spark collective action.



Our tools are streamlined and easy to use for the ultimate admin and volunteer experience. Plus, our support team can help you customize Impactive to your program’s unique needs.

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