broadcast Texting

Send mass text messages to your opted-in subscribers and volunteers with fundraising appeals, announcements, calls to action, and more (currently in beta).


broadcast Texting


Custom Links

Format links and track detailed analytics with a custom link shortener and user-level click tracking. 

Segment Lists

Segment lists of contacts by geography, area code, and any uploaded metadata attributes.

Integrate with Other Tools

Integrate Impactive with ActBlue, NGP VAN, and Mobilize America.

Automatic Chat Bot Flows

Set up automatic keyword response chat bots to engage contacts when staffers are unavailable.

“Impactive provided a significant boost to our digital organizing capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic, and allowed us to experiment with new ways to recruit and mobilize volunteers as well as turn out voters.”

- David Ward, SEIU Innovation Strategist

“Impactive’s broadcast texting tool integrates seamlessly with other features on the platform to create an indispensable all-in-one tool for our digital organizing and digital campaign teams.” 

- Nationwide Advocacy Organization Director


SMS Safeguards

Disallow texting during custom time periods to protect your subscribers

MMS Support

Send photos, videos, and other media 

Contact Cards

Subscribers can save your number with preset profile image and name

Abandoned Donation Reminders

Improve conversion rates with donation reminders

Schedule Send

Schedule messages to send at a later time

Dynamic Scripts

Easy script variables for personalized messages

Embeddable Opt-In

Subscribers can opt-in with two clicks from your site

Intuitive Admin View

Easily set up and monitor your texting campaign 


SEIU’s Ground Game

SEIU mobilized over 4,000 volunteers across 50 chapter licenses to reach nearly 9 million potential voters in the final 6 months of the electoral cycle.

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