Broadcast Texting

Send mass text messages to lists of volunteers or uploaded subscribers. Share fundraising appeals, announcements, calls to action, and more - then carry on a two-way conversation with personalized scripts. Reaching out to your network has never been easier.

Effective Fundraising

Grow a donor list with text messaging, one of the highest-converting outreach channels. Use dynamic script variables to personalize appeals for segmented lists of contacts.

Two-Way Conversations

If subscribers respond to broadcast messages without using a keyword, staffers can carry on two-way conversations right from the inbox, just like with Peer-to-Peer Texting.

Segmentation and Insights

Filter subscribers based on forms filled out, location, voting history, and more. Measure message performance with A/B testing or segmented lists of subscribers.

Trusted by:

Bartosz Kumor, Relational Voter Program Manager at Community Change Action. Community Change Action and its many affiliates nationwide leverage a variety of Impactive tools.

Bartosz Kumor
Relational Voter Program Manager
Community Change Action

“We’ve been using Broadcast Texting to recruit volunteers to our weekly relational text banks. A bunch of people turned up to our meeting because we used it. Broadcast is becoming a really popular tool at Community Change, not just for our relational program, so this will be an exciting initiative for us.”


campaigns and organizations trust Impactive to organize and mobilize their volunteers.

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All the functionality you’d expect in a robust SMS marketing tool, customized for politics and advocacy:
Opt-In Forms

Collect subscribers and segment lists based on form type.

Automated Keywords

Build automatic responses for specific keywords.

2-Click Subscribes

Distribute two-click opt-in links to build an audience.

Optimized Inbox

Respond to broadcast recipients alongside P2P contacts.

Schedule Messages

Send blasts now, or schedule them for later.

Multimedia Support

Include images or videos for engaging outreach.

SMS Safeguards

Set no-contact windows and limit repeat messages.

Daily Reports

Schedule automated performance reports right to your inbox.

Data Access

Query a live database or build a custom pipeline with S3 sync.

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Why Impactive?


Support & Training

Our team of veteran organizers knows what it takes to run robust, nationwide organizing programs. Our hands-on trainings, strategy workshops, and constant support are second-to-none. We’ll meet your goals together, whether you’re focused on member growth, fundraising, persuasion, or mobilization.


Data & insights

With all of your mobilization and volunteer data in one place, you’ll have unprecedented insight into real-time performance of your program. Make optimizations by monitoring customized reports delivered straight to your inbox, and access all of your data anywhere via seamless integrations to NGP VAN, PDI, Salsa Labs, and more.


Reliability & Security

Impactive is built to scale by leading performance engineers, including system reliability leaders from Fortune 500 companies. In 2020, our clients sent over 200 million messages with no major outages and no major security breaches. We conduct ongoing third-party security audits and frequent performance maintenance to keep your program running smoothly.

Impactive Includes:

... plus Video Story Collection, Social Media Amplification, and much more 🎉

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