Relational organizing is the single most effective way to mobilize, as evidenced by our best-in-class impact studies. Harness the power of personal connections with Impactive’s leading relational organizing toolkit.

Relational Organizing

Volunteers are the most powerful messengers for your organization. Whether recruiting supporters, voters, donors, or attendees, invites from trusted contacts are the best way to achieve your goals.

Community Organizing

Conduct high-impact canvassing by assigning lists of target contacts to volunteers and inviting them to reach out directly to those they know. Sync volunteers’ reports directly to NGP VAN and other CRMs.

Advanced Targeting

Send Friends and Family Messaging actions to volunteers based on where they live, what language they speak, or whether or not they have contacts in a certain district or zip code. Volunteers will see blue stars next to their contacts marked as targets by the campaign.

Trusted by:

Mauree Turner of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Mauree made history as the first publicly non-binary elected official in the US and the first Muslim member of the Oklahoma legislature.

Mauree Turner
OK House of Representatives

“Impactive allows you to sync your contact list so you and your volunteers can text folks you know in addition to cold texting. When COVID hit we weren't sure how to motivate people to volunteer, so being able to text with us was wonderful -- and when we paired that with people being able to text people they knew first, it was even better. Impactive helped us turn out a new electorate altogether and was our most sought-after form of volunteering."


campaigns and organizations trust Impactive to organize and mobilize their volunteers.

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Relational organizing isn’t new: it’s been the most effective form of outreach for decades. Our goal is to make it easy. Scale up your relational program with these features:
Voting History

Volunteers can target friends who vote infrequently.

Event Recruitment

Link RSVP forms in text scripts to build an audience.

Multimedia Support

Send images or videos for engaging outreach.

Geographic Targeting

Assign actions to volunteers based on district or zip code.

Multiple Outreach Methods

Volunteers can reach out by text, email, social DM, and more.

Custom Data

Volunteers can report on custom fields synced to VAN.

CRM Integrations

Sync data to NGP VAN, PDI, Salsa Labs, and more.

Automated Follow-Up

Automatically trigger a second action after one is completed.

Multiple Languages

Run program in English, Spanish, Korean, and more upon request.

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Support & Training

Our team of veteran organizers knows what it takes to run robust, nationwide organizing programs. Our hands-on trainings, strategy workshops, and constant support are second-to-none. We’ll meet your goals together, whether you’re focused on member growth, fundraising, persuasion, or mobilization.


Data & insights

With all of your mobilization and volunteer data in one place, you’ll have unprecedented insight into real-time performance of your program. Make optimizations by monitoring customized reports delivered straight to your inbox, and access all of your data anywhere via seamless integrations to NGP VAN, PDI, Salsa Labs, and more.


Reliability & Security

Impactive is built to scale by leading performance engineers, including system reliability leaders from Fortune 500 companies. In 2020, our clients sent over 200 million messages with no major outages and no major security breaches. We conduct ongoing third-party security audits and frequent performance maintenance to keep your program running smoothly.

Impactive Includes:

... plus Video Story Collection, Social Media Amplification, and much more 🎉

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