Mobilize supporters to take action on the issues that matter most to them. Unlock the power of community-based organizing with dozens of ways to engage your audience.

Mobilize New Supporters

Scale Your Program for More Impact

Full-Scale Relational Organizing

Relational organizing (AKA friend-to-friend outreach) is the most effective way to convert contacts into advocates. Contact thousands of people via their most trusted messengers (their friends and family members).

Social Media Amplification

Harness the viral power of social media by encouraging volunteers to share the social media content you post on Impactive. Create coordinated campaigns around breaking news, fundraising appeals, events, and more.

Video Story Collection

Use Video Story Collection on Impactive to collect written and visual content from supporters on why they choose to donate. Leverage this user-generated content to boost your fundraising or supporter engagement campaign.

optimize your strategy


Manage volunteers by creating teams, designating team leaders, and assigning specific calls to action based on affinity or issue interest.


Organize your contacts for quick outreach and engagement with custom tags and fields. Use these tags to build filtered lists on Impactive that match specific criteria, like event attendees and active voters.


View and export data on response rate, link clicks, and other key metrics. Plus, sync to NGP VAN, Salsa Labs, Every Action, Action Network*, or Action Kit* to keep data consistent across your digital organizing tools (enterprise plans only).

*Coming soon


Michigan Liberation is a collective of advocacy organizations that works to end criminalization in Black communities and communities of color. Read how Michigan Liberation partnered with Impactive to harness the power of grassroots organizing ahead of 2020’s election.

IMPACTIVE MAKES issue advocacy EASY:

Web and Mobile

Volunteers can participate in member recruitment from their phone or computer, whichever is easiest for them.

Dynamic Scripts

Personalize scripts with dynamic variables and update scripts during phone and text banks.

Optimized Inbox

Respond to peer-to-peer and broadcast messages and fill out reports with a streamlined inbox on web or mobile.

Push Notifications

Alert volunteers to new and urgent actions by sending push notifications through the Impactive app.

CRM Integration

Sync your data seamlessly to NGP VAN, Salsa Labs, or PDI to keep your program records updated.

Custom and Pre-built Reports

Schedule automated performance reports to arrive daily or export one-off reports to analyze specific metrics.

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Why Impactive?


Support & Training

Our team of veteran organizers knows what it takes to run robust, nationwide organizing programs. Our hands-on trainings, strategy workshops, and constant support are second-to-none. We’ll meet your goals together, whether you’re focused on member growth, fundraising, persuasion, or mobilization.


Data & insights

With all of your mobilization and volunteer data in one place, you’ll have unprecedented insight into real-time performance of your program. Make optimizations by monitoring customized reports delivered straight to your inbox, and access all of your data anywhere via seamless integrations to NGP VAN, PDI, Salsa Labs, and more.


Reliability & Security

Impactive is built to scale by leading performance engineers, including system reliability leaders from Fortune 500 companies. In 2020, our clients sent over 200 million messages with no major outages and no major security breaches. We conduct ongoing third-party security audits and frequent performance maintenance to keep your program running smoothly.