Impactive (formerly Outvote) was founded in 2017 to empower grassroots campaigning through scalable technology, allowing volunteers to organize their family, friends, and local communities. We spent a whirlwind three years partnering with progressive organizations and campaigns large and small, working closely with each partner to customize our products for their important work. In 2020, we achieved one of our biggest goals: stabilizing democracy by electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, whose campaign used a white-labeled version of Impactive to register voters and get them to the polls. Ever since, we’ve been expanding our all-in-one digital organizing hub to include even more functionality for modern campaigning.


We are all here with a shared purpose: to empower progressive communities with tools and tactics to reinvigorate democracy, demand equality, and shape a brighter future for all.



We value each and every member of the Impactive community. By partnering with a wide range of organizations, we strive to provide powerful and accessible infrastructure to level the playing field across the progressive movement.



In each and every interaction with our partners and teammates, we strive to understand the other’s perspective and refrain from assuming that our experience is the only experience. In the face of conflict or discomfort, our first step is to listen with genuine intention to learn.



We recognize that working here is only one piece of our teammates’ lives. We honor human needs above all, lead with empathy, and strive to provide a flexible work environment that encourages each person to thrive both at and beyond Impactive.



We believe that a constant focus on inclusion allows us to better understand the rich complexity of our work and better serve our diverse client partners. We commit to continuous learning and growth to work toward dismantling systematic oppression.



We believe that a community is strongest when all members are heard, including our client partners and our team. We value intentional sharing of knowledge, resources, and emotional support. We commit to humbly seeking out opportunities to learn from our client partners and team.


We’re building an all-in-one hub for digital outreach and engagement, meant to help advocacy organizations, nonprofits, unions, and electoral campaigns protect democracy and reinvigorate civic society. Are you ready to use your skills to make an impact? We’d love to meet you.



Naseem Makiya

Founder & CEO

Katy Dolan


Will Jessop


Jamie McGonnigal

VP of Sales

David Ward

Director of Business Development

Rachel Keeler

Product Manager

Sue Kim

Digital Marketing Manager

Denis Kulicek

Senior Software Engineer

Skyler Tom

Lead Engineer