Phone Banking

Revolutionize your phone banking efforts with Impactive. Host high-impact phone banks with both desktop and mobile volunteering options. Guide meaningful conversations with easy-to-use interactive scripts and real-time reporting.

An interactive script on Impactive's predictive dialer on the mobile app.

Total Call Control

With designated clickers (queuers) and callers, you control the speed at which calls are made. Third-party bottlenecks won’t limit your ability to conduct high-volume phone banks.

Maximum Efficiency

Our predictive dialer dynamically balances the number of outbound calls with the number of available callers. This process minimizes dropped calls and maximizes volunteer efficiency, for 20+ conversations per hour instead of 2.

Interactive Scripts

Build conversational flows without complex IF/THEN statements with our streamlined script builder. Plus, volunteers’ navigation through the interactive script automatically fills out reports during the phone call.


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We’ve brought unprecedented, overdue advancements to phone banking with these key features:
Web and Mobile

Volunteers can participate from desktop or phone.

Cell Phones and Landlines

Call both cell phones and landlines.

SMS Follow-Up

Send scripted follow-up texts after phone calls.

Live Data

Monitor key metrics in real time.


Filter respondents by call status and custom data.

Local Area Codes

Make calls from your preferred area codes.

Daily Reports

Schedule automated performance reports right to your inbox.

CRM Integrations

Sync data to NGP VAN, PDI, Salsa Labs, and more.

Data Access

Query a live database or build a custom pipeline with S3 sync.

Phone banking faqs

What is phone banking?
Why should I leverage phone banking?
Do you offer the ability to leave prerecorded, automatic voicemail messages?
What does it mean to click calls during a phone bank?
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Why Impactive?


Support & Training

Our team of veteran organizers knows what it takes to run robust, nationwide organizing programs. Our hands-on trainings, strategy workshops, and constant support are second-to-none. We’ll meet your goals together, whether you’re focused on member growth, fundraising, persuasion, or mobilization.


Data & insights

With all of your mobilization and volunteer data in one place, you’ll have unprecedented insight into real-time performance of your program. Make optimizations by monitoring customized reports delivered straight to your inbox, and access all of your data anywhere via seamless integrations to NGP VAN, PDI, Salsa Labs, and more.


Reliability & Security

Impactive is built to scale by leading performance engineers, including system reliability leaders from Fortune 500 companies. In 2020, our clients sent over 200 million messages with no major outages and no major security breaches. We conduct ongoing third-party security audits and frequent performance maintenance to keep your program running smoothly.

Impactive Includes:

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