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An image of a sample Peer-to-Peer Texting conversation hosted on the Impactive mobile app.


Learn how organizations like yours have used Impactive to build their movements.
GOTV, fundraise, canvass, and much more.
Advocacy Orgs
Build support for candidates or legislation.
Raise money and generate support for your cause.
Scale communication and drive member signups.
Member Growth
Boost membership with high-converting outreach.
Connect with donors in no time and raise funds for your cause.
Issue Advocacy
Organize communities for your cause.
Event Organizing
Host volunteer events from start to finish.
Volunteer Mobilization
Dozens of ways to take action, all in one platform.


campaigns and organizations trust Impactive to organize and mobilize their volunteers.

"Early on, Impactive was the tool I was most impressed with. It checked all my boxes, and I could see how the growth of the tool would continue to support our needs."

"Impactive is at the cutting edge of high-converting mobilization tech. They understand how to build innovative, user-friendly tools that helped us reach hundreds of thousands of Americans in 2022."

"If we didn’t have a texting platform like Impactive to facilitate [our] days of action, there’s no way that we would’ve been able to meet that goal, especially so early on in the program."

"Because of the NGP VAN integration within Impactive, we were able to merge field and fundraising (from a data perspective) more than I’ve ever been able to."

"A tool like Impactive is a way that we can connect with friends and family members. It’s a way we can build a movement; it’s a way that we can get credit for the powerful organizing that’s happening."

"Invest in this tool early! You don’t want to miss the window of efficacy for a relational persuasion program. Make the investment early so you can hit the ground running when you ramp up the campaign."

"Impactive helped us turn out a new electorate altogether and was our most sought after form of volunteering."

"Impactive was amazing: we reached people that ordinarily we would not have reached. People who were not on anybody’s list. We had a lot of success in getting people registered and getting people to vote."

All the features you need in one platform

Friends and Family Messaging
Peer-to-Peer Texting
Broadcast Texting
Phone Banking
Custom Voter Registration

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Peer-to-Peer Texting

Organize at scale: upload a list of phone numbers to facilitate thousands of 1:1 text conversations per hour between volunteers and voters. Impactive clients have sent hundreds of millions of messages, with 99% platform uptime.

An image of a sample Peer-to-Peer action hosted on the Impactive mobile app. The action is named "Text Voters about the Voter Suppression Bill," and the button reads "Start Texting".
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Build your subscriber list with opt-in keywords, then blast broadcast texts with ActBlue donation links, event reminders, calls to action, and anything else worth sharing.


Our groundbreaking predictive dialer offers unprecedented ease of use for admin and maximum call times for callers. Phone Banking on Impactive is what we wanted — and couldn’t find — from other dialers, built into our own tool.

An image of a sample Peer-to-Peer action hosted on the Impactive mobile app. The action is named "Text Voters about the Voter Suppression Bill," and the button reads "Start Texting".

Why Impactive?



Our platform is trusted by leading organizations like DCCC and the League of Conservation Voters. With constant security updates and frequent security audits, you can trust that your program is safe with us.



We’re experts in providing tools that activate relationship-driven mobilization. Impact organizations of all sizes use our platform to connect to supporters and their personal networks to spark collective action.



Our tools are streamlined and easy to use for the ultimate admin and volunteer experience. Plus, our support team can help you customize Impactive to your program’s unique needs.

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Impactive Includes:

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