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Megan McCullough
Data and Organizing Director
“We wanted a tool that we could use to organize year-round. Plus, I was personally very tired of going through so many different trainings for so many different tools. We were sending people in so many different directions that volunteers were getting discouraged.”
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Electoral Campaign

The Indiana Democratic Party faces the challenge of organizing voters in a state typically associated with Republican wins. However, the state party leads an integrated organizing network of campaigns and county parties to garner as many Democratic votes as possible. Ahead of the 2022 midterms, the Indiana Democratic Party offered Impactive licenses to its affiliated partners to promote coordinated organizing efforts across the state.

Facilitating Statewide Collaboration With an All-in-One Organizing Tool

“Early on, Impactive was the tool I was most impressed with. It checked all my boxes, and I could see how the growth of the tool would continue to support our needs.”

Following the 2020 election cycle, the Indiana Democratic Party (IDP) began preparing for the 2022 midterms with a new plan to conduct year-round organizing via campaigns and county parties. To achieve this evergreen organizing vision, IDP knew they needed an organizing platform that was both robust enough for state-wide collaboration and intuitive enough for both staff and volunteers to pick up easily. 

IDP had previously laced together multiple tools to conduct this multifaceted organizing program, but administrators and volunteers alike were growing weary of the many trainings and logins required to run a program across multiple platforms. Fortunately, Impactive’s all-in-one suite was the perfect solution to gather all of the state party’s organizing efforts into one hub. 

The Indiana Democratic Party was especially thrilled with Impactive’s newly-launched predictive dialer, which eventually became a key outreach tool for the party's affiliated campaigns. Soon after partnering with Impactive, the state party began to train county parties and local campaigns on the platform so organizers on the ground could scale their outreach into the midterms.

Driving Coordinated Impact Throughout the State

“County parties that had never used digital tools were running with it. I had never seen a small Indiana State House campaign run its own dialer before, but they did consistently. A Congressional campaign was able to start phone banks at the end of August. Coordinated use of a tool supported by the state party had never happened before like that.”

Across Indiana, campaigns and county parties started to use Peer-to-Peer Texting and Phone Banking to spread the word about candidates and get out the vote for Election Day. Even campaigns or county parties that never before had access to digital outreach tools quickly found success using Impactive. Affiliates included:

  • Andre Carson for Congress: The campaign hosted phone banks almost weekly for months before the election, and incorporated Peer-to-Peer Texting to support their GOTV efforts. In the end, organizers reached over 69,000 voters, sent over 79,000 texts, and made over 43,000 calls. These efforts paid off — Carson was re-elected into Congress, and remains the second Muslim congressman ever elected.
  • LaPorte County Democratic Party: LaPorte County is within the first congressional district in Indiana, a target district for retaining the incumbent Democratic representative, Frank Mrvan. Thanks to Impactive Impactive, the county party reached over 12,000 people and sent over 15,000 texts. 
  • Allen County Democratic Party: As an essential county for Democratic growth, Allen County Dems focused on getting voters to cast their ballots early and on Election Day. County party organizers reached over 49,000 people and sent over 78,000 texts. 
  • Hamilton County: Hamilton County is another target area for Democratic growth. The party used Impactive to endorse local candidates and get out the vote. In total, organizers reached over 25,000 people and sent over 32,000 texts. 

As a result of the combined efforts of the Indiana Democratic Party and its affiliated campaigns, Democratic organizers using Impactive reached over 642,000 voters and sent over a million texts to build a Democratic base in Indiana. 

This impressive mobilization by the Indiana Democratic Party, county parties, and campaigns is a crucial step toward making progressive impact in Indiana. We at Impactive are grateful for the chance to offer organizing solutions for Indiana leaders, and we look forward to working with IDP to continue building year-round engagement programs that lay the groundwork for 2024.


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