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Emma Weinert
Deputy Executive Director
“We wanted to run a relational program, and we wanted to use Impactive to help us do that. We also had peer-to-peer texting ambitions, so Impactive was a good way to help us achieve both goals.”
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Electoral Campaign

Housed under the Iowa Democratic Party, the Iowa Senate Majority Fund works to elect Democrats to the Iowa Senate. They engage in fundraising, GOTV, and persuasion to drum up support for Democratic wins in Iowa. In preparation for the 2022 midterm elections, Iowa Senate Majority Fund partnered with Impactive for two main objectives: fundraising state-wide via peer-to-peer texting and running a relational organizing program to prioritize authentic outreach.

Driving an Integrated Fundraising and Outreach Program

“With Impactive, we were able to integrate with VAN, so that was helpful from a data management perspective — whereas with Spoke, we weren’t able to do that. Previously, there was a lot of downloading spreadsheets and uploading spreadsheets, but we didn’t have to do that with Impactive.” 

Months before the 2022 midterm elections, the Iowa Senate Majority Fund was looking for digital tools that could help them gather support and donations from Democratic voters in the state. But they had an important requirement: integration with NGP VAN, the key database that the Iowa Senate Majority Fund uses. Without this integration, their team wasted time and energy importing and exporting data in spreadsheets. 

Iowa Senate Majority selected Impactive as their new organizing tool due to Impactive’s full-fledged relational organizing suite, peer-to-peer texting, and seamless integration with NGP VAN. 

Achieving 3x ROI With Peer-to-Peer Texting

“Because of the NGP VAN integration within Impactive, we were able to merge field and fundraising (from a data perspective) more than I’ve ever been able to. We were able to match records from our fundraising database to VAN, then use Impactive to follow up with donors with a volunteer recruitment ask.” 

Thanks to Impactive's integration with NPG VAN, the Iowa Senate Majority Fund combined fundraising and field organizing to build a movement supporting their candidates. In critical moments like fundraising deadlines and Supreme Court decisions, the team used Peer-to-Peer Texting to request donations via ActBlue links. If a contact donated, the team then sent a follow-up message requesting volunteer support. 

The Iowa Senate Majority Fund also found success by reaching out to Democratic voters in the state to fundraise. Previously, the team relied solely on known donors from their fundraising database to gather donations. To expand their donor base, they texted previous Democratic voters, regardless of past donation status. This new strategy resulted in an increased number of first-time donors and garnered a 3x return on investment.

To boost voter engagement, the team used Shared Canvassing to facilitate and expand existing Neighbor-to-Neighbor organizing teams established by local Democratic party groups. These teams focus on establishing authentic connections between volunteers and voters, and Shared Canvassing allowed volunteers to connect with voters they wouldn’t easily reach out to on their own. In the end, this feature enabled the Iowa Senate Majority Fund to effectively scale its relational organizing program and help voters get to the ballot box. 

By the end of the election cycle, Iowa Senate Majority Fund reached 468,460 people in Iowa and fueled significant Democratic power across the state. Impactive is honored to have driven fundraising and mobilization for the Iowa Senate Majority Fund ahead of the midterm elections.


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