PAST Webinar

Organizing People We Know Best: Best Practices for Friends and Family Messaging

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Relational organizing is like word-of-mouth recommendations for organizations and campaigns: volunteers are the best messengers to recruit friends and family to the cause. GOTV efforts, fundraising appeals, and all other types of outreach are more authentic and effective when volunteers encourage their personal contacts to take action for causes they care about.

This webinar provided a comprehensive overview of Friends and Family Messaging (sometimes called friend-to-friend texting or relational organizing), a popular and efficient way for volunteers to mobilize their personal contacts. Whether your team is new to relational organizing, or looking for ways to make existing calls-to-action more effective, you’ll gain a fresh perspective on optimizing your outreach strategy.

We discussed:

  • Building a Friends and Family Messaging action from start to finish
  • Relational best practices on Impactive
  • Ways to incorporate relational organizing into every part of your volunteer strategy
  • Tips for building the most engaging relational actions
  • Writing scripts for a variety of outreach channels
  • And more!

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