PAST Webinar

Exponential Reach with Organic Sharing: Compelling Your Supporters to Share on Social Media

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Trying to spread the word about your campaign or cause? Digital ads are increasingly costly and ineffective: they’re expensive, cumbersome to manage, and it’s difficult to break through the noise. Organic social sharing from your supporters is the dream, but how do you get them to actually share content?

We hosted an in-depth webinar on unlocking the exponential reach of organic social sharing, using cutting-edge tools and techniques (like AI-powered content!) from relational organizing experts at Impactive and SoSha. With practical case studies from leading organizations like HeadCount and Community Change Action, we shared how to build buzz online by using your supporters as messengers.


  • Katy Dolan, COO @ Impactive
  • Tudor Mihailescu, Founder/CEO @ SoSha

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