PAST Webinar

Harnessing Influencer-Led Campaigns to Supercharge Social Change

Thursday, June 29, 2023

In today’s digital landscape, influencers are an integral part of our social fabric. For many, influencers have even joined friends and neighbors as “people we know.” Given that relational organizing, with people we know, is one of the most powerful ways to create social change, how can influencer-led organizing power up your movement?

This webinar — all about supercharging your impact with influencer-led organizing — was led by panelists with a wealth of knowledge in driving national influencer-led campaigns. They discussed the ins and outs of launching partnerships with influencers and how modern tech allows organizations to easily leverage this newly-emerging organizing tactic.


  • Naseem Makiya (Panelist, CEO and Founder @ Impactive)
  • Ashwath Narayanan (Panelist, CEO @ Social Currant)
  • Moderated By: Katy Dolan (COO @ Impactive)

Impactive is the leading digital outreach and engagement platform behind successful influencer-led campaigns like HeadCount’s 2022 Good to Vote initiative and Civic Nation’s Beautiful Noise Live Sweepstakes. Learn more about Impactive at

Social Currant is an influencer marketing platform and agency that builds relationships between brands and creators looking to make a change. Learn more about Social Currant at

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