PAST Webinar

SMS Fundraising With Impactive: Innovative Ways to Grow and Engage Your Donor Base

Thursday, March 23, 2023

SMS is a critical fundraising tool — it’s quick, high-converting, and engaging. And while email open rates continue to hover around 20% year after year, SMS messages have impressive open rates of up to 99%. Think of what that could mean for your fundraising efforts!

In this webinar, we dove into everything SMS fundraising has to offer, including:

  • Different SMS outreach options to leverage (yes, there's more than one!) - including which to use and when
  • Donor growth and targeting techniques to build your donor base 
  • How to use SMS fundraising to build relationships with your donors and reduce donor fatigue
  • And more! 

Plus, we were joined by guests from Iowa Senate Majority Fund who have extensive experience running successful SMS fundraising campaigns: Emma Weinert, Executive Director, and Grady Wiedeman, Finance Director. They shared tips for crafting donor messaging and leveraging SMS campaigns for specific fundraising needs. 

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