Transitioning to In-Person Organizing with Impactive

June 29, 2021

As communities in the United States reach higher vaccination rates, many organizations are resuming in-person activities. What does that look like for organizers?

In this webinar, expert practitioners from Impactive discussed how teams can (re-)launch in-person organizing, advocacy, and fundraising efforts while continuing to leverage digital and distributed tactics. We shared strategies for engaging volunteers quickly and effectively, both in-person and online, including ways to:

  • Spread the word about upcoming volunteer events and collect RSVPs
  • Use dynamic script variables to send personalized reminders to volunteers about events
  • Build a larger network of volunteers by encouraging existing volunteers to recruit their friends
  • Sign community members up for events, encourage participation in community opportunities, and contact their elected officials
  • And more!

Impactive’s Melinda Amato, Senior Client Strategies Advisor, and Armani Gladden, Business Development Associate, led this conversation.

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