social media sharing

Social media sharing on Impactive helps your volunteers easily distribute digital content from your organization to their own personal networks. Campaigns and organizations use social media sharing to amplify key messaging points, spread the word about events, and more. 


social media sharing


Amplify Your Message

Volunteers can share pre-written content on social media, adding their own language, media files, or images to spread the word.

Event Recruitment

Encourage volunteers to share event signup forms on social media, boosting turnout. 

Rapid Response Efforts

Coordinate an organization-wide social media blitz leveraging pre-written scripts for a consistent rapid response effort.

Increased Engagement

User-generated content posted on social media yields 28% higher engagement rate than other content. 

“Impactive provided a unique nimbleness that was invaluable in our outreach efforts in Georgia’s 7th District. Impactive’s canned response system and intuitive UI allowed us to quickly provide voters with accurate information about an ever-changing election."

- Henry White, GOTV Director, Carolyn Bordeaux for Congress

“Impactive provided a significant boost to our digital organizing capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic and allowed us to experiment with new ways to recruit and mobilize volunteers as well as turn out voters.”

- David Ward, SEIU's Innovation Strategist


Expand Mutual Aid Efforts

The New Jersey Organizing Project, an affiliate of Community Change, used Impactive’s social sharing feature to recruit responses to their monthly feedback survey on their mutual aid work. 

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