video story collection

Volunteers can share a personal video (or photo) about why they support your campaign, initiative, or organization. These stories can lay the foundation for powerful digital campaigns or lobbying efforts. 


video story collection


Gather Stories

Supporters can send a photo, short video, or write a personal note

Collect User-Generated Content

Share this content in email newsletters, social media posts, and more


Volunteers receive points for submitting testimonials, pushing them up the leaderboard

Increase Engagement

User-generated content posted on social media yields 28% higher engagement than other content

“Impactive was amazing - we reached people that ordinarily we would not have reached. People who were not on anybody’s list. With relational organizing and texting, we were able to reach all those folks. We had a lot of success in getting people registered and out to vote.”

- Earl Burton, Michigan Liberation

“Through Impactive, we prompted volunteers to record selfie videos that expressed their support for Amendment 1. Our campaign later distributed this persuasive content across our social channels.”

- Amendment 1 Initiative


Gather Volunteer Stories

Including video, photo, or written content


Volunteers earn a spot on the leaderboard by taking action

Volunteer Amplification

Highlight volunteers’ unique stories and passion for the cause

Collect User-Generated Content

Amplify the stories of supporters on social media

Increase Engagement

Yield 28% higher social media engagement with user-generated content

Uplifts Community Voices

Amplify perspectives from directly-impacted community members


Engaging Volunteers on Impactive

Tina Smith’s campaign used Impactive to spread the word about high-impact voter registration events, including their Women’s Day of Action. 

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