Forms are an efficient way to gather information and commitments, especially when your movement is powered by dozens or millions of supporters. They invite deeper engagement and can be shared easily through email, text, and social media. Plus, data from forms can be used to optimize your organizing program: tailor your outreach based on pledges, issues, demographics, and more. 

So today, we’re releasing Custom Forms on Impactive. Create customized surveys to gain instant insight from respondents; data is instantly compatible with the full Impactive suite to help you launch additional follow-up, optimize strategy, and track the impact of your work.

Use Custom Forms to: 

  • Send out a census to gather an accurate representation of your community — then encourage respondents to share their personalized referral link with their network for more responses
  • Survey supporters on program feedback, issues of interest, or policy opinions — then follow up immediately with a link to an upcoming volunteer event tailored to their response
  • Gather event RSVPs from new and existing supporters — then send relevant event information instantly upon form submission
  • Spark donations by spotlighting a giveaway — then send abandoned donation reminders to those who don’t make a pledge

Curious how you can do all of this (and more) with Custom Forms? Read more about our latest release: 

1. Record tagged answers for easier contact management.

Questions are the focal point of your form, and you can choose from three question types (yes/no, multiple choice, or short answer) to build out your form. 

Even better, you can link specific responses to tags within the Impactive platform to track contact data seamlessly across the entire Impactive suite. That means whenever a contact fills out your form, their responses will add more info (like supporter level, interests, etc.) to their profile; this data can be used to filter contacts and build custom lists for future outreach.

As always, those using NGP VAN, Salsa Labs, or PDI can sync Impactive tags to their CRM.

2. Follow up instantly with automated texting for Custom Forms.

Once you’ve attracted your supporters’ attention, take advantage of the moment by automating an SMS message upon a successful form submission. Use this functionality to send thank-you messages, specific event information, fundraising appeals, your Impactive campaign join code, or any other follow-up message.

Plus, send reminders to supporters that haven’t completed your form yet for better response rates. When you text supporters with a trackable link to your form on Impactive, you can later filter for those who either 1) clicked the link and didn’t submit the form yet, or 2) received your message and didn’t click the link yet. By segmenting these supporters by their activity, you get a more accurate view of engagement to use for other campaign activities. 

3. Activate gamified link sharing to multiply your reach.

As the leading advocate for relational organizing, we’re always looking for ways to promote friend-to-friend mobilization. For each Custom Form you create, supporters can receive their own individual, trackable referral links and share them with their networks; contacts that fill out a form as a result of a referral will be attributed to the supporter who shared it with them. The more supporters share their referral links, the more potential supporters you’ll reach. 

To further prompt supporters to fill out your form, you can also designate incentives (raffles, giveaways, etc.) to encourage people to submit a response and share the form with their friends. Supporters can earn a raffle entry for filling out the form, and additional entries for each contact they refer via their personalized link. Partner with influencers to generate viral buzz around your form campaign, or set up teams of supporters to race each other for the most referrals. 

4. Expand your text subscriber list.

We know our partners are always looking to gain new supporters. That’s why each survey requests a respondent's name, email, phone number, and communication opt-in. As your form reaches new supporters, you'll capture their contact information and expand your email and text subscriber list.

Of course, contact information from your forms automatically syncs to your Impactive campaign, so no exporting or importing is necessary. You'll be able to instantly engage with your new supporters by setting up an automated text (as mentioned above!) or by using our other outreach tools, like Peer-to-Peer Texting or Phone Banking.

Set up your first form today!

Ready to create your own custom forms? If you have an active Impactive account, you already have access to forms — find the Forms page under the Actions tab, and visit our Help Center to learn how to create your first form.

If you’re new to Impactive, schedule a demo with our partnerships team to learn more about Impactive’s full suite of digital engagement tools. 

Don't miss it: we're hosting a live demo of Custom Forms on Thursday, June 1st at 2 PM Eastern. RSVP here!

May 22, 2023
Impactive News