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Henry White
GOTV Director
“Impactive provided a unique nimbleness that was invaluable in our outreach efforts in Georgia’s 7th District. Impactive’s canned response system and intuitive UI allowed us to quickly provide voters with accurate information about an ever-changing election. Impactive additionally provided us with the scale needed to reach out to over 400,000 voters over the last month of the campaign and generate record-breaking turnout in the 2020 election."
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Electoral Campaign

In 2020, many eyes were on the presidential race, but that wasn't the only election with high stakes. Each congressional race had major implications on which party would lead the Senate Majority. In Georgia, Carolyn Bourdeaux used Impactive to help win her campaign for Georgia’s 7th congressional district, making her the first Democrat to represent the district in over two decades. Her victory was the only red to blue target district that flipped in the November 2020 election.

Driving Voter Education

Bourdeaux’s campaign pursued in-person organizing efforts, but the organizing team wanted to expand its strategy through digital organizing. More specifically, they wanted tech that supported the launch and implementation of their voter education program around the new absentee ballot program. 

Many people would need to rely on this program to cast their votes for the upcoming election. The challenge? These voters weren’t easy to reach in person. So along with in-person tactics, Bourdeaux’s campaign partnered with Impactive to power outreach to people at home.

Expanding the Campaign’s Reach Through Peer-to-Peer Texts

Bourdeaux’s campaign was able to consistently reach voters daily using Impactive. Peer-to-Peer Texting allowed the campaign to communicate clearly and concisely with voters, especially when they needed to relay information and links to people as quickly as possible. 

For a campaign team in a state that historically suppresses voters, the ability to implement scripts much more easily than other platforms was especially powerful. The campaign team created curated messaging with localized information for voters, such as scripts that allowed volunteers to swiftly text voters when precinct hours changed. The campaign also took advantage of Impactive's Open a Webpage functionality, which links volunteers directly to an external source from Impactive. Using this feature, they linked to their Mobilize page within Impactive and encouraged their volunteers to commit to voting. 

Organizers in the campaign kept their digital organizing operations running smoothly by using push notifications to motivate volunteers and send progress updates. Ultimately, the campaign sent 221,683 messages and reached over 400,000 voters in the months leading up to Election Day. 


Organizations large and small use Impactive to mobilize their movements.
Electoral Campaign

Iowa Senate Majority Fund

The Iowa Senate Majority Fund used Impactive to boost voter mobilization and drive a 3x return on their fundraising texts ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Advocacy Organization

Community Change Action (2022)

Community Change Action and its impressive network of grassroots partners use Impactive to build power in historically overlooked communities.

Nonprofit Organization


Powered by Impactive's Custom Voter Registration tool, HeadCount partnered with top celebrities like Harry Styles to drive over half a million voter registration checks.

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