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“Impactive provided a unique nimbleness that was invaluable in our outreach efforts in Georgia’s 7th District. Impactive’s canned response system and intuitive UI allowed us to quickly provide voters with accurate information about an ever-changing election. Impactive additionally provided us with the scale needed to reach out to over 400,000 voters over the last month of the campaign and generate record-breaking turnout in the 2020 election."

- Henry White, GOTV Director

Carolyn Bourdeaux won her campaign for Georgia’s 7th congressional district, making her the first Democrat to represent the district in over two decades. Her victory was the only red to blue target district that flipped in the November 2020 election. 

Bourdeaux’s campaign used Impactive to supplement their in-person organizing. They used Impactive to drive/launch their voter education program, in particular to disseminate voter information about the new absentee ballot program which reached 38,890 people with 221,683 messages sent. 

Impactive allowed the campaign to consistently reach 25,000 voters daily. The campaign used the open a webpage feature to link to their “commit to vote” Mobilize page and source commitments. They used peer-to-peer texting to put information and links in front of people as quickly as possible, knowing they may not be able to get too many texts to each person, which ensured people got all of the relevant voting information as concisely as possible. 

Campaign staff narrowed universes by determining who had ballots and who didn’t and used survey response filters in Impactive to further target prospective voters. 

A highlight of their time with Impactive was using it to deliver scripts to specific people based on localized information, for example when precinct hours changed. Impactive's response text trees were the easiest to set up compared to other platforms, which was especially helpful in a state historically dedicated to voter suppression.

The Bourdeaux campaign used push notifications to keep things running smoothly with volunteers, to motivate them to continue, and to send progress updates. They also used them to send out voter information and run ballot-chasing programs. 

Impactive allowed both scale and efficiency around outreach and responses. 

The Bourdeaux campaign offered the following recommendations to others preparing for a big mobilization: 

  • Spend time on your script responses, and ensure they are ready to go before you begin your texting  
  • Prepare script responses in foreign languages
  • Use A/B testing beforehand to see what persuasion methods are working best 
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