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Impactive’s Biggest Improvements Since 2020

In the past year and a half, we’ve made a number of product improvements to evolve into a more versatile and advanced tool. Read about our biggest improvements since 2020!
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SMS Marketing for Political Campaigns: 6 Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about the basics of political texting? We answer some frequently asked questions about SMS marketing for political campaigns.
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How to Use Broadcast Texting to Increase Supporter Engagement

Supporter engagement is one of the most crucial ways that organizations and campaigns can maintain a positive relationship with their most valued audience. Here’s how to use broadcast texting to increase supporter engagement!
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What are Short Codes, and How Do You Use Them? 

Learn more about short codes, and how they’re used by organizing teams!
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4 Must-Have Features of Broadcast Texting Software

The best broadcast texting software makes the process of sending mass messages completely effortless. Check out these top four must-have features that your broadcast texting software should have.