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5 Impactful Examples of Peer-to-Peer Texting from Progressive Campaigns

Looking to use peer-to-peer texting for your campaign? Check out these 5 examples of peer-to-peer texting from successful progressive campaigns.
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The Impact: June Updates from the Impactive Team

In June, we launched List Canvassing, added a streamlined tool to stay updated on your 10DLC status, and more!
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Introducing List Canvassing: Boost Your Canvassing Abilities with Relational Outreach

Build and nurture relationships with your highest-priority contacts over time with List Canvassing, the newest addition to our relational organizing suite.
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Vote Tripling: Everything You Need to Know

Vote tripling is one of the best ways to get out the vote. Learn all about it and get started with these three steps!
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Impactive’s Biggest Improvements Since 2020

In the past year and a half, we’ve made a number of product improvements to evolve into a more versatile and advanced tool. Read about our biggest improvements since 2020!