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Making Digital Organizing More Accessible: Updates to Impactive's Pricing

We’re making some changes to our pricing model to make our relational and other organizing tools more accessible for organizing teams of all sizes in 2022.
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Webinar Recap: Highlights from “Organizing People We Know Best: Best Practices for Friends and Family Messaging”

In our latest webinar, we shared proven best practices and tips for encouraging volunteers to organize their friends and family effectively.
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5 Must-Have Features of Relational Organizing Software

Check out these five must-have features that organizing teams should consider when seeking relational organizing software.
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How to do Relational Organizing Authentically

Wondering how to get started with relational organizing? Here’s how to do relational organizing authentically with four starter questions.
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5 Impressive Examples of Relational Organizing from 2020

Check out these 5 great examples of relational organizing from 2020.