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"Impactive allows you to sync your contact list so you and your volunteers can text folks you know in addition to cold texting. When COVID hit we weren't sure how to motivate people to still help volunteer so being able to text with us was wonderful, and when we paired that with people being able to text people they knew first was even better. Impactive helped us turn out a new electorate altogether and was our most sought after form or volunteering."

- Mauree Turner, OK House Representative

Mauree Turner made history by becoming the first publicly non-binary elected official in the US and the first Muslim member of the Oklahoma Legislature.

Their campaign drew on the support of people who often do not see themselves represented in politicians.

Turner won their primary by 250 votes, the same number of support IDs the campaign was able to secure using Impactive.

Their team, which was composed of grassroots organizers without digital experience, had planned on campaigning by knocking on doors and holding in person events until COVID-19 exploded. Impactive allowed them to transform easily into a remote operation. Turner’s campaign was the only one of its scale in Oklahoma that did not knock on doors due to COVID-19.

The Turner campaign held events where both peer-to peer texting and friend-to-friend texting were happening simultaneously. Turner’s friend-to-friend texting events had a 50% adoption rate and played a large role in their victory. This allowed the campaign to maximize the contributions from volunteers from across the country. Through Impactive, Turner’s campaign spoke to 10,804 people with 27,790 text messages sent.

Turner’s supporters were eager to get involved and Impactive provided them a great opportunity to do so. Volunteers’ favorite ways to engage with voters were sending text messages and writing postcards.

Mauree’s advice for other people using Impactive is that you can use it for just about anything - you can tell people about resources, connect them to information, and raise money for local organizations. They look forward to continuing to use Impactive to keep people involved - a great approach for any successful campaign!

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Connect with our sales team to learn how Impactive can benefit your organization.

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