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Conor Sanchez O’Shea
Founder & CEO
"Impactive was the perfect partner for our viral voter registration campaign. The tool was flexible enough for us to customize our campaign, with built-in gamification and referral capabilities. With Impactive as our underlying voter registration technology, our influencers were able to drive hundreds of thousands of Gen Z voters to take action."
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Nonprofit Organization

Help register 3 friends to vote and be entered to win a Tesla — that was the premise of Up to Us’ voter registration campaign in the summer of 2020. But they needed a platform that would make voter registration easy, fun, and shareable to empower people to take action. Enter: Impactive. 

Using Impactive’s voter registration platform, Up to Us registered 40,948 voters and sent 3,767 absentee ballots in just a few days.

Here’s how they did it:

Building a Voter Registration Campaign on Impactive

Up to Us is a collective of young leaders taking action to fix some of the most crucial issues of the generation, like voter mobilization, public health, and climate change. So when it came time to mobilize voters for the 2020 election, Up to Us joined thousands of other organizations in the effort to get out the vote.

But, they wanted to do something different — they wanted to bring voter registration into the social media era and innovate the process of voter registration.   

Up to Us partnered with Impactive to build an outreach campaign geared towards Gen Z voters that gamified the voter registration process and encouraged them to take action. On Impactive, Up to Us created branded and customized landing pages to allow people to check their voter registration status, register to vote, or find essential information on voting by mail or in person. 

Then, the team made their campaign go viral by partnering with TikTok influencers and hosting a Tesla giveaway to get voters interested and incentivized to take action.

Powering a Giveaway With Relational Organizing

Up to Us partnered with popular social media influencers — like TikTok influencers @cheekyboyos — to drive their campaign. Each influencer partner had their own Impactive registration page and link that they could use to promote the giveaway. They all competed to see who could make the most impact. Influencers promoted their own pages to their social media following; each person that registered through their page could send their own referral link to friends and family members and generate more registrations for their influencer’s team.

To add an exciting incentive to the campaign, Up to Us promoted a Tesla giveaway: each follower that checked their registration status on the voter registration page would be entered to win a Tesla. Followers could get an additional entry towards the giveaway if they shared their referral link to three friends or family members who successfully checked their own registration statuses. 

Their efforts were massively successful. Over just a few days, over 30,000 people registered to vote via @cheekyboyos’s voter registration page, and other influencers drove thousands more registrations. 

Impactive went one step further to ensure every voter exercised their right to vote by partnering with Civitech and sending out absentee ballots to those who registered to vote by mail. Impactive also sent confirmation emails to every voter that registered through Impactive to inform them that they were accurately logged in the voter file, so voters would be ready to go on Election Day.

With the help of social media influencers, the power of relational organizing, Impactive’s voter registration platform, and a Tesla giveaway, Up to Us made an impressive impact in the 2020 election cycle. Their efforts were so successful that other major influencers and organizations replicated the campaign for their own voter registration drives. 

Learn more about Up to Us’ influencer campaign in this Bloomberg feature.

Impactive’s Voter Registration Page

There’s no shortage of voter registration platforms, so what makes Impactive’s voter registration tool different? 

Impactive’s mission is to make engagement and outreach as simple as possible for campaigns and advocacy groups. With Impactive’s voter registration tools, campaigns can create their own custom-branded voter registration pages. They can invite their supporters to send personalized referral links that connect back to the campaign, harnessing the exponential power of relational organizing to register voters. And throughout the campaign, administrators can measure the outcome of their outreach on a dashboard that tracks performance and user engagement.  

Plus, campaigns can gamify the process of civic participation by building teams and encouraging friendly competition to register the most voters. With extra incentives like celebrity/influencer competitions and giveaways, registration campaigns can spread rapidly across the country. Our voter registration platform makes it easy for campaigns to build excitement around getting out the vote! 

Interested in building a voter registration campaign of your own? Learn more about Voter Registration on Impactive by watching our video here, or schedule a demo now.


Organizations large and small use Impactive to mobilize their movements.
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The Iowa Senate Majority Fund used Impactive to boost voter mobilization and drive a 3x return on their fundraising texts ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

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Community Change Action (2022)

Community Change Action and its impressive network of grassroots partners use Impactive to build power in historically overlooked communities.

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Powered by Impactive's Custom Voter Registration tool, HeadCount partnered with top celebrities like Harry Styles to drive over half a million voter registration checks.

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