Peer-to-peer texting, which helps campaigns and causes reach their supporters via one-to-one text conversations, remains one of the top tools for any fundraising, advocacy, or issue persuasion initiative. If you’re looking to take advantage of this texting tactic, use these five tips to choose the best peer-to-peer texting platform for your program:

1. Choose no-code software.

There are open-source texting tools available to campaigns and organizations that want to send text messages at a very low cost. The relative cheapness of these tools can be enticing, but open-source tools are not without their challenges. Choosing an open-source tool means adapting the tool for your use; this technically-involved process will cost valuable time and staff capacity.

On the other hand, no-code peer-to-peer texting software empowers you to run a texting program regardless of your technical skills. This option reduces the learning curve, allows any team member to onboard quickly, and enables you to kickstart your outreach efforts much more quickly. 

2. Opt for in-script dynamic variables.

One of the best ways to perfect your peer-to-peer outbound message is to add personalization via dynamic variables. Dynamic variables generate information based on the contact’s information (like name, zip code, and more) and ease the process of personalizing large batches of texts. For example, the best peer-to-peer texting platforms will allow you to script a message that reads: “Hey {}, it’s Milly from {}!” and deliver it to the contact with their specific first name and the campaign name they’re communicating with. 

Personalizing your scripts will undoubtedly create a deeper connection with your contacts. In fact, in the era of personalized emails and texts, your contacts may even expect a certain level of personalization in your outreach.

3. Prioritize ease of use for non-tech-savvy users.

Depending on the size of your contact list, you may be running a peer-to-peer texting program with a handful of volunteers, or dozens of texters that need to be onboarded at scale. Either way, it’s essential to consider the user-friendliness of your texting platform. You may be relying on volunteers with all levels of familiarity with tech, and a longer onboarding process will only impede your ability to run an efficient program.

Consider P2P texting platforms that offer a streamlined experience for your texters, and you’ll save time with onboarding and any troubleshooting needed. 

4. Ensure easy contact management and filtering within your P2P texting tool.

Part of running the best peer-to-peer texting campaigns is making sure you have clean, updated, and segmented contact lists. Look for texting tools that allow for seamless contact import processes or integrate into your CRM, so your data is always updated. 

Even better, seek a P2P texting tool that allows contact segmentation directly within the platform. The best peer-to-peer texting platforms will allow you to create lists based on contact activity, tags, or other custom categories. This functionality will cut your contact management time considerably and allow you to customize your messaging more easily. 

5. The best peer-to-peer texting platform includes other texting options. 

Peer-to-peer texting will always be a powerful tool for campaigns and organizations, but it can be combined with other text options for an even stronger impact. Broadcast Texting and Friends and Family Messaging are other options that allow you to leverage text messaging to reach out to supporters, fundraise, drive awareness, and more.

Powerful all-in-one texting platforms like Impactive can provide access to all three texting options, plus additional outreach tools like phone banking

Searching for any new tech software can be a lengthy process, and it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by various factors to consider. However, you can use these five tips to help you select the best peer-to-peer texting platform suited to your needs. Once you secure the right platform, you'll be able to focus on more important things, like making an impact! 

Jun 30, 2023
Tools & Tech