Building an engaged, active community of supporters requires frequent communication — a key benefit of Broadcast Texting on Impactive. But communication is even more effective when supporters can receive customized responses and get information that’s most relevant to them. That’s why we’ve launched a new feature that can help you take your Broadcast Texting engagement even further: branched response flows.

Branched response flows allow your supporters to receive automated responses based on how they reply to your broadcast message. Use this new feature to gather data on issues of interest, share targeted information, and guide supporters to start taking action instantly.

Here’s how to facilitate automated, supporter-led text conversations with branched response flows for Broadcast Texting:

Create Branched Flows to Maximize Supporter Engagement

With branched response flows, you can send broadcast messages that prompt supporters to choose from and reply with keyword options provided in the initial script. Then, they’ll receive a specific response triggered by the keyword they select. 

Leverage branched response flows to:

  • Inquire about the issues that supporters are most concerned about
  • Collect RSVPs ahead of events
  • Prompt volunteer opportunities based on supporters’ interests
  • Send event details to volunteers according to their location
  • And more!

Branched response flows on Broadcast Texting offer many possibilities for personalizing text conversations with your supporters. 

Gather Data-Driven Insights From Responses

Data-driven insights establish a firm foundation for supporter mobilization. Connect responses to tags or custom fields that are automatically applied when contacts send specific follow-up messages; you can then export data from your broadcast action for a close look at how supporters engaged with your texting campaign. Or, sync this data to your CRM (like NGP VAN, Salsa Labs, or PDI) to keep track of contact information across all campaign activities. 

Additionally, you can use your newly-acquired data to deepen supporter engagement. Create segmented contact lists directly on Impactive based on tags, and continue engaging with them using personalized Peer-to-Peer Texting or List Canvassing actions. 

Establish Keyword Responses for Additional Automation

In addition to branched response flows, Broadcast Texting on Impactive offers additional automation possibilities. Start engaging with new subscribers from the moment they join a broadcast list by setting up automatic response messages for your opt-in forms and keywords. Subscribers can receive welcome texts, event information, or fundraising links immediately, boosting the chance that they’ll take action. 

Ready to Get Started?

If your team has an active account with Impactive, you can start building branched response flows on Broadcast Texting right away. Visit our Help Center article on branched response flows or automated keyword opt-in flows for step-by-step instructions.

If you’re new to Impactive, learn how Impactive’s texting tools can support your supporter outreach by scheduling a demo with our partnerships team. 

Mar 6, 2023
Impactive News