Trying to spread the word about your campaign or cause? Digital ads are increasingly costly and ineffective: they’re expensive, cumbersome to manage, and it’s difficult to break through the noise. Organic social sharing from your supporters is the dream, but how do you get them to actually share content?

Impactive recently co-hosted a webinar with SoSha to explore how campaigns, advocacy organizations, nonprofits, and more can compel their supporters to share organic social media content (also called user-generated content, or UGC) with their networks.

Head to the webinar video to watch the full presentation, or catch up on the highlights here: 

  1. Traditional digital campaigns (ads, etc.) are increasingly ineffective. Digital ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. have always been spendy for impact organizations, and they're only getting more expensive. Plus, the constant changes to these social media platforms' algorithms mean that targeting the correct audience is more difficult than ever. Most impact organizations simply don't have the expertise or resources to manage a truly effective digital ad campaign.
  2. User-generated content (UGC) is the most impactful way to share messages online. A great deal of research shows us that "trusted messengers" are the most effective way to mobilize an audience - you're much more likely to take action if someone you have a relationship with tells you to do so. That's why UGC is so powerful - social media posts from people in your own network perform well in social media algorithms and are high-converting. On average, one organic social share generates $80 in earned marketing value.
  3. SoSha's AI-powered tools can help create UGC at scale. SoSha's platform allows you to create social media "toolkits" to share with your supporters; these toolkits make it easier than ever for them to share content on social media on your organization's behalf. SoSha's toolkits are populated with AI-generated post captions and hashtags (but don't worry, you as the admin approve all content yourself). Your supporters can post this content (with any tweaks they desire) on social media, with no writer's block or wondering how best to convey the right message.
  4. Impactive and SoSha's new integration can power your campaigns even further. Organic social sharing is an amazing tool for boosting your reach, but it can't be done in a vacuum - those social posts are built on your organizing campaigns, calls-to-action for what you need an audience to do. That's where Impactive comes in - our Custom Forms feature lets you create custom-branded forms for a wide variety of purposes, from event RSVP to volunteer sign-up, pledge to vote, and more. At the end of the form, your supporter receives a personalized referral link that they can send to their network to garner more form responses. Our new integration with SoSha places that link within pre-generated social posts, so it's easier than ever for your supporters to refer submissions from their network. Use this powerful functionality to drive viral, incentivized campaigns (i.e. offer raffle entries for each form referral a supporter brings in).

2024 is yet another critical election year, and impact organizations of all types are seeking new ways to build buzz and drive impact online. Organic social sharing via SoSha, boosted by custom forms and personalized referral links on Impactive, is an innovative way to draw more eyes to your campaigns.

Watch the full webinar here for even more detail (and case studies) on these innovative digital methods. To learn more about SoSha, schedule a demo here; to learn more about Impactive, schedule a demo here.

Feb 7, 2024
From the Field