5 Ways to Use Peer-to-Peer Texting Software

With the average American checking their phone up to 63 times a day, it makes sense that electoral campaigns, nonprofits, advocacy organizations, and unions have incorporated peer-to-peer texting into their outreach programs. Peer-to-peer texting allows organizers and volunteers to text lists of contacts and nurture personal conversations, which makes it a versatile tool to get people to take action. 

Here are five popular ways that campaigns and organizations use peer-to-peer texting software:

1. Voter Mobilization (GOTV)

With a quick peer-to-peer text, organizers and volunteers can ask lists of eligible voters if they’re registered to vote or assist them in making a voting plan. While door-to-door canvassing remains a staple in outreach efforts, peer-to-peer texting software allows volunteers to reach out to voters efficiently from their homes. This is particularly helpful for volunteers who want to fit in peer-to-peer texting while balancing other duties or those who can't readily go door-to-door.

In 2020, peer-to-peer texting software was the holy grail for Democratic campaigns and progressive campaigns aiming to increase voter turnout. Peer-to-peer software like Impactive allowed organizers and volunteers to send over 150 million messages to voters across the nation. 

2. Event RSVPs

Sometimes a reminder is all someone needs to attend an event. Peer-to-peer texting software can help volunteers reach out to supporters quickly in the days before an event. With one text, contacts can confirm whether they're attending or not so the organization or campaign can get an accurate count of how many people will be attending. Peer-to-peer texting also reduces the formality of communicating with a volunteer and allows someone to respond instantly without opening external apps. In fact, over 80% of people keep their SMS messaging notifications on, which means contacts are more likely to see a peer-to-peer text rather than an email. In the same way someone would respond to a friend’s text, they can reply to the peer-to-peer text and confirm their RSVP in a few seconds!

3. Volunteer Recruitment

People are often happy to volunteer their time if they have a smooth path to getting started, and texting is one of the easiest ways for people to get involved with an organization. Peer-to-peer texting software makes it simple for volunteers, especially those who are just starting out, to make an impact. Volunteers can commit as much time as they want, from anywhere they’d like. Plus, if people aren’t able or fully ready to commit to larger volunteer projects yet, they can still use peer-to-peer texts to support the organization or campaign. 

4. Advocacy for Legislation

Peer-to-peer texting software is exceptionally useful for advocacy organizations aiming to increase awareness and support for a cause or issue. Through peer-to-peer texts, advocacy organizations mobilize people to sign petitions, contact their legislators, and inform others about proposed pieces of legislation. And since texting provides a direct line of communication, volunteers can send important information, like petition links and message templates for reaching out to legislators, in just a couple of minutes.

5. Fundraising 

Asking for money can feel taboo sometimes, but fundraising is necessary to keep organizations and campaigns running. Fundraising messages via peer-to-peer texting software allow volunteers to send donation page links to lists of supporters in no time and raise funds efficiently. Peer-to-peer text exchanges can also let volunteers answer any questions that supporters might have before committing to a financial contribution. And when campaigns use peer-to-peer texting software like Impactive, administrators can set up scripts for initial and response messages so volunteers can continue the conversation seamlessly.

Peer-to-peer texting software is a great tool for any organization or campaign that wants to connect with contacts and supporters quickly and effectively. Teams that are just starting to use peer-to-peer texting will quickly see how useful it is! For ways to create the best peer-to-peer texting campaigns, check out this article

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