Announcing: New Campaign Reporting Templates on Impactive

After the 2020 electoral cycle, we spent many months talking with our clients in the field about their biggest successes and challenges from the last year. A resounding theme was a need for simple, templated data reports. Based on this feedback, we’re excited to introduce a new feature on Impactive: campaign reporting templates for administrators. 

What We’re Solving For

Previously, Impactive administrators could export CSV files at the bottom of most views within the administrative dashboard, and could receive emails for each individual CSV export.* The CSVs included a lot of information: they allowed for full transparency into the impact and effectiveness of organizing programs. However, clients wanted simpler, templated reporting options that focused on the metrics most important to their organizing work, and could sync with their own internal reporting tools. 

*This legacy CSV export feature will remain available on Impactive for the time being as we launch our new reporting templates. 

What We Built 

Based on client feedback, we’ve developed reporting templates for the top five most-requested batches of data. We’ve created a customizable reporting export feature that allows clients to access this templated data at any time. 

With our new “Data” view, administrators can now export templated reports for: 

  • Actions - All Types: Export a list of all actions filterable by date, or for all time. 
  • Contacts: Export all contacts, filterable on selected tags or custom fields from any contact list(s). 
  • Messages: Export all messages sent, filterable by message sent dates, action types, or specific actions from any user list(s). 
  • User Activity by Type: Export action results filterable by selected lists of users, or for all users. User activity is also filterable by user activity date, action type, or specific actions from any user list(s). 
  • User Activity - All: Export engagement statistics for a list of users, or for all users, filterable by user activity date. 

One-time reports will be instantly emailed to administrators with a CSV download link. Alternatively, administrators can set up a recurring report via email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

Share Your Feedback

This feature release is just the beginning of an ongoing effort to provide Impactive administrators with the data they need to run effective programs. If you have an idea for a new report template, please email us at Moving forward, you can look out for additional template options (including reports with individual tags and custom fields, plus a leaderboard template option), the ability to create new templates, the ability to copy and resend reports, and more. 

We are actively gathering feedback on the functionality of campaign reporting templates: please email us at with any feedback.

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