Now more than ever, progressive movements and campaigns need supercharged organizing tools to build power for voters’ rights, healthcare access, and so much more. Phone banking remains a popular and essential way to have one-to-one, instant conversations with contacts. But many of the options available for phone banking don’t quite fulfill the needs of the movement. 

So, we tapped into our expertise on creating robust organizing tools to build our own predictive dialer from the ground up. We know what it takes to build powerful organizing tech, and we know what's missing from many dialers. (After all, we're organizers and volunteers ourselves!) We've built Phone Banking on Impactive to be the dialer that progressive movements can rely on to amplify their impact.

Meet Impactive’s dialer: no complicated setups, no third-party reliance, no complex volunteer onboarding. Phone Banking with Impactive is clean, simple, and scalable, and we’ve built our dialer to give organizers complete control to fully operate and expand operations. By making unprecedented advancements to predictive dialing, we’re revolutionizing the way you phone bank — just in time for 2022 and beyond. 

Read on to learn how our dialer stands out.

Phone Bank On Our Mobile or Web App

Ironically, most predictive dialers aren’t built to allow volunteers to phone bank from their phones. Our solution? Phone Banking is available on both web and mobile. In fact, Impactive’s dialer is the first fully-operational mobile phone banking tool. 

Mobile phone banking is a huge step forward in accessibility for volunteers. They can make calls and fill reports from anywhere with either a mobile phone or laptop. Volunteers can also switch between devices as needed while enjoying the same user-friendly volunteer experience. And at any time during the phone bank, volunteers can access step-by-step instructions to navigate their way through the phone bank. (Pro tip: mobile phone banking makes it easier to set up Zoom phone banking sessions with your community!) 

Maximize Call Time With Predictive Dialing

We know how valuable every minute of a volunteer’s time is. Our predictive dialer allows volunteers to spend their time talking to actual people rather than listening to busy signals and voicemails. 

Our dialer automatically dials your list of contacts and cuts out voicemails, busy signals, and disconnected lines. When a contact picks up the phone, the dialer connects the call to a volunteer on the other line. Volunteers can begin their conversations with recipients right away without having to manually dial any numbers or fruitlessly sift through voicemails and other unresponsive calls. Our goal is to allow volunteers to spend 100% of their time talking to contacts! 

Create Dynamic Scripts on a User-friendly Script Builder

Coordinated messaging is a fundamental part of well-organized campaigns. Our custom script builder is easy to operate: input your first conversation prompt and add branching response options for the volunteer to follow. Fear not — there are no complex IF/THEN setups.

During the phone bank, these prompts and answer options show up as interactive scripts for volunteers. Throughout a call, volunteers can use the scripted prompts as a conversation guide and select answer options based on the call recipients’ answers. And the best part? These answers automatically fill a report on the contact throughout the call, all synced back to NGP VAN.

Track Performance in Real-time

Real-time performance tracking is essential for high-impact phone banks. Our dialer includes a real-time dashboard to track live session activity and performance, like average wait time between connections and the number of volunteers in active calls. 

Our dashboard even displays user engagement for all volunteers involved in the phone bank. View details like total call time, total calls made, and contacts made for each volunteer.

But that’s not all. Our dialer also:

  • Calls both cell numbers and landlines
  • Prompts volunteers to complete reports on contacts after each call
  • Links to our Peer-to-Peer Texting tool for scripted follow-up SMS texts after calls
  • Allows organizers to designate staff or volunteers to queue calls, which eliminates any bottlenecks due to third-party calling agents
  • Complies with TCPA regulations
  • Is built entirely in-house, without relying on third parties

Plus, you get access to the benefits that are baked into Impactive’s suite of digital organizing tools:

  • Contact list filtering by specific reporting data, like call status and other custom data
  • Easy uploading and processing for lists as large as 1 million+ contacts
  • Two-way sync with NGP VAN
  • Teams and Leaderboards to manage and incentivize volunteers
  • Secure, reliable connections with an emphasis on data security
  • Data tracking across actions when used with Peer-to-Peer Texting, Broadcast Texting, or Friends and Family Messaging
  • Training and support by leading client strategists with experience on local and national campaigns (depending on license tier)

Impactive’s Predictive Dialer PLUS Relational, Peer-to-Peer, and Broadcast Messaging

Above all, Impactive’s goal is to provide seamless communication between organizing teams and their supporters. The addition of our predictive dialer to our toolkit makes our digital organizing suite for campaigns and organizations even more robust. For example, use Impactive’s Broadcast Texting and Friends and Family Messaging to generate RSVPs for an upcoming phone bank. Or, follow up with call recipients after a phone bank with more information about their preferred candidate via Peer-to-Peer Texting. And across all actions, sync all contact data with NGP VAN with two-way integration and scale communication efforts seamlessly.

Explore the Predictive Dialer Yourself

Whether you use Phone Banking on Impactive to fundraise, educate voters, or connect with supporters to learn more about what they care about, you’ll love the simplicity and scalability of our dialer. 

Pricing for the dialer starts at $50 a month plus $0.05 per call. Learn more about Impactive plans here

Ready to get started? Schedule a demo now to learn how Impactive’s all-in-one suite can power your digital organizing efforts.

Dec 9, 2021
Impactive News