15,000 Registration Checks: Recapping Outvote’s Day of Action

Last Tuesday, September 22, we organized our first-ever Day of Action for National Voter Registration Day. National Voter Registration Day is a non-partisan holiday celebrated every September to encourage civic participation via coordinated organizing efforts; it was the perfect day to get out the vote, and we’re proud to share our impressive results.

15,000 eligible voters checked their registration on Outvote during our Day of Action: that’s 15,000 Americans who are one step closer to making their voice heard this election season. Unregistered voters were then encouraged to register according to the policies in their states, and all voters were invited to request mail-in ballots to vote safely this fall. (Haven’t checked your voter registration yet? It’s not too late: take 30 seconds to make sure you’re ready to vote here.)

How did we generate this much buzz? We collaborated with a few digital personalities, who hosted inspiring and informative conversations with Outvote partner organizations on Instagram Live. Read on for recaps of our favorite dialogues:

Voting 101: Emily DaSilva and Lisa Gilmore

Outvote COO Emily DaSilva and blogger Lisa Gilmore kicked off our Day of Action with Voting 101, a conversation about registering to vote, voting safely, and choosing candidates to vote for. Emily and Lisa shared actionable tips to request your ballot and cast your vote: watch Voting 101 here.

Young People and the Climate Movement: Simone Johnson and Max Emerson

Simone Johnson, a project manager at Future Coalition, joined influencer Max Emerson to discuss the role that young people play in the climate movement. Simone shared her advocacy journey and explained Future Coalition’s work to protect the climate, and Simone and Max discussed how to engage friends and loved ones in discussions about politics. Watch Simone and Max’s conversation here.

Getting Out the Vote: Aria Flores and Aja Dang

Aria Flores, an organizer affiliated with the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, joined digital personality Aja Dang for a conversation about Aria’s role as a field organizer this election season, and how everyone can activate their networks to get out the vote. Aria and Aja discussed how voters should consider both local and federal politics during election season, and gave some practical tips for engaging friends and family in voting conversations. Watch our Getting Out the Vote session here.

Civil Rights on the Ballot: Elizabeth Hopkins and Barrett Pall

Elizabeth Hopkins, State Organizing Director for ACLU of Ohio, joined content creator Barrett Pall to explain ACLU’s role in securing civil rights for all Americans. ACLU also plays a pivotal role in organizing during election season, and Elizabeth detailed her priorities as the director of ACLU of Ohio’s organizing efforts during this unprecedented virtual organizing period. Watch Civil Rights on the Ballot here.

Protecting Women’s Rights: Ambalika Williams and Kate Austin

Planned Parenthood program director Ambalika Williams joined influencer Kate Austin to discuss Planned Parenthood’s priorities this election season: guaranteeing women’s rights to safe and affordable healthcare. Ambalika covered how she organizes Planned Parenthood’s many priorities in her role, and shared actionable ways for volunteers to help Planned Parenthood mobilize during election season and beyond. Watch Ambalika and Kate’s conversation here.

Running for Local Office: Whitney Hu and Jackie Padilla

Outvote Director of Partnerships (and current candidate for New York City Council) Whitney Hu joined NowThis News’ Jackie Padilla to discuss her run for public office, and how anyone can deepen their involvement in their local communities. Whitney and Jackie discussed the unique challenges (and opportunities) of running for office as a woman and person of color, and encouraged everyone to consider volunteering for or running in local elections. Watch our Day of Action’s final conversation here.

To watch all of these conversations and more, follow Outvote on Instagram. Thanks to all who joined us for our Day of Action; here’s to getting out the vote this season!

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