Enjoy Expanded Teams on Mobile

Earlier this year, we introduced Teams 2.0 for easier team management and engagement. Now, we’ve expanded the functionality on the mobile app so volunteers can easily interact with their teams wherever they are.

This update allows users to:

  • Share announcements and messages on Team Chat within the mobile app inbox
  • Create and edit teams from their profiles
  • Access team information on profiles, including teams they’re in, their team roles, and join codes

Need a refresher on our Teams feature? Check out our Help Center article on Teams here, or watch a recorded demo here.

Reassign Peer-to-Peer Conversations

Users participating in peer-to-peer actions can now reassign any or all peer-to-peer messaging threads back to the campaign admin that created the action. Volunteers can use this feature to:

  • Escalate conversations that need extra attention to campaign staff
  • Reassign conversations back to the campaign if they can no longer manage peer-to-peer messaging threads

Reassign conversations by navigating to the messaging thread in the Impactive inbox. Here, you can select the ⋯ option next to the contact’s name and either Reassign Conversation or Reassign All Conversations.

Learn more about peer-to-peer reassignment by visiting our release notes here.

Product Updates

Visit our New and Improved Help Center

If you’ve visited our Help Center recently, you’ll see that we have given it a spring refresh to make search and navigation easier than ever. Visit the Help Center here to see pinned must-read articles on the home page, content grouped by category for easy navigation, and more.

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