Finding the Best Nonprofit Software: Top 5 Picks For Nonprofit Fundraising and Donor Management

Strong management and well-planned supporter organization are essential for creating a meaningful and lasting impact. Nonprofits of any size can benefit from finding the right software for fundraising and donor management, and with the help of a few of the best nonprofit software tools, your organization can supercharge its progress towards achieving its goals.

Here are our top 5 recommendations for the best nonprofit software to maximize donor impact and minimize administrative strain:

1. Impactive — Best Volunteer Management Software

Impactive is the all-in-one digital infrastructure for mission-driven organizations. Our tool allows administrators to communicate easily with volunteers and supporters using user-friendly solutions like Family and Friends Messaging, Peer-to-Peer Texting, and Broadcast Texting.

These solutions from Impactive deliver seamless volunteer management, which unlocks additional impact from supporters. Well-organized volunteers can engage in relational organizing, a proven tactic for building a large network of advocates. In turn, advocates can participate in effective fundraising and facilitate additional communication with other potential supporters, driving your organization’s outreach. Impactive is an innovative platform for nonprofits, advocacy groups, and campaigns.

Learn more about Impactive's digital outreach and engagement tools for your nonprofit.

2. NeonCRM — Best Nonprofit Software for Fundraising Data Management

NeonCRM is the software solution for nonprofits looking to manage their fundraising data efficiently. Keep track of your fundraising data on NeonCRM’s clean dashboard and easily monitor the growth of your organization. NeonCRM also allows your organization to comfortably track revenue in the form of grants, online and offline gifts, and major donors. Other key features of this tool include timelines to track donor support and communication as well as a built-in email platform that allows you to build and send mass emails.

NeonCRM is great for large organizations like educational institutions, faith-based organizations, and foundations. If #GivingTuesday is an essential fundraising opportunity for your organization, NeonCRM may be a useful solution.

Explore NeonCRM to improve your fundraising management.

3. MobileCause — Best Software for Virtual Event Fundraising

MobileCause is the best software for nonprofit organizations that host frequent live digital fundraising events. A unique feature of this tool is the ability to live stream Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or Vimeo Live on your organization’s event page. Nonprofit organizations can use these features to host events that feel cohesive and collaborative, even while online.

Other highlights of MobileCause include a text-to-donate feature and a Live Event Thermometer to encourage donors to give more. MobileCause is also a great tool for crowdfunding campaigns.

Explore MobileCause to fundraise easily during live digital events.

4. Bloomerang — Best Donor Management and Retention Tool

One of Bloomerang’s unique features is the ability to view a donor’s giving summary, along with levels of engagement and generosity, divided into various levels. Bloomerang is also built for nonprofit organizations that favor direct mail: the tool allows organizations to design print materials for donor acknowledgments and solicitations.

Bloomerang is the best nonprofit software for nonprofits looking to grow sustainably. Their Sustainability Scorecard allows organizations to measure their organization’s growth, including donation metrics from small, medium, and large organizations.

Explore Bloomerang to access high-impact CRM solutions.

5. OneCause — Best Nonprofit Auction Software

OneCause is the best tool for nonprofits aiming to fundraise through auctions. With OneCause, organizations can set up mobile bidding, event ticket sales, and auction package previews to create a seamless event experience. Additionally, nonprofits have the option to launch microsites and customize the auction-based fundraising experience.

Even better, OneCause works for virtual, in-person, and hybrid fundraising events. Organizations that need flexibility while planning events will appreciate the tool for its adaptability to various situations.

Explore OneCause to launch easy and enjoyable fundraising auctions.

Ultimately, a well-managed community is a driving factor behind making an impact. With the help of any of the best nonprofit software solutions, organizations can easily tailor the experience of their donors, engage with their communities effectively, and spend less time on administrative clean-up while focusing on creating change.

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