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Casey Lowe
Youth Digital Campaigns Manager
“The distributed team was a cool addition to our program because we could virtually organize across the country and all remaining states that we don’t have boots on the ground in. Having Impactive as a tool for that was hugely helpful.”
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As one of the most recognizable environmental advocacy groups in the US, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) takes action by influencing policy, electing pro-environment candidates, and holding politicians accountable. So when it came time to elect new leaders during the 2022 midterm elections, LCV had ambitious goals to mobilize its membership to elect climate advocates who would advance climate and environmental justice. The organization launched its 2022 GreenRoots member mobilization program and partnered with Impactive to maximize its impact.

LCV Ran Its Largest Member Mobilization Program Ever

“One thing that was really helpful with Impactive’s affiliate campaigns structure was the ability to create a script in our main campaign and then copy and share that script throughout all the affiliates, rather than having to duplicate it manually.” 

Ahead of the midterm elections, LCV launched its 2022 GreenRoots program, aimed at mobilizing LCV members across the country to elect candidates endorsed by the LCV Action Fund. In 15 states, LCV had organizers on the ground working with coordinated campaigns; in the other 35 states, LCV focused on recruiting members to take action via letter writing, phone banking, online events, and other virtual, high-impact voter outreach methods. 

The equal focus on in-person and virtual organizing meant that LCV needed flexible yet robust outreach tech. After seeing Impactive's competitive pricing and robust Peer-to-Peer Texting and Phone Banking tools, LCV chose Impactive to advance its monumental nationwide mobilization program.

Driving Virtual Engagement In All 50 States

“We did a big GOTV recruitment push where we scheduled LCV members for upwards of 2,000 shifts within a couple of days. That’s pretty significant. If we didn’t have a texting platform like Impactive to facilitate those days of action, there’s no way that we would’ve been able to meet that goal, especially so early on in the program.” 

League of Conservation Voters sought to increase member involvement in the 2022 election cycle through its GreenRoots program, and Impactive was a key tool in reaching its largest base of members ever. In previous cycles, there was less coordination for texting members; with Impactive, LCV could upload lists of members for all 16 organizing teams and collaborate on text outreach, all from one platform. Additionally, Impactive enabled LCV’s first-ever distributed team to contact its national membership, which drastically increased the impact of LCV members in every corner of the country.

Specifically, the distributed team used Peer-to-Peer Texting to contact LCV members and recruit them to volunteer with coordinated campaigns in some of the most salient Senate and House races.

If a member was receptive, organizers sent Mobilize links to sign up for a one-on-one chat or volunteer shift. From one particularly successful “day of action,” LCV filled 2,000 volunteer shifts in just a couple of days — an impressive outcome given that outreach was directed solely to active LCV members. 

Supported by Impactive’s digital tools, LCV’s virtual engagement program achieved its main goal with great success: members mobilized rapidly for critical races, especially in time-sensitive moments like GOTV, rapid response, ballot curing, and the Georgia run-off election. In fact, members recruited through the distributed teams completed 22% of all GreenRoots volunteer shifts by participating in letter-writing, phone banking, webinars, and tele-town halls.

In weeks closer to Election Day, LCV organizers supplemented Peer-to-Peer Texting with Phone Banking to encourage volunteer engagement even further. Ultimately, the League of Conservation Voters GreenRoots program reached 64,635 members, sent 205,200 texts, and boosted volunteer shifts by 40% from 2020. 

Moving into 2023, LCV continues to work closely with Impactive to recruit and engage volunteers with Climate Action, their non-electoral organizing programs in five states: Virginia, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Impactive is thrilled to support an organization leading the charge for progressive climate policy.


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