4 Must-Have Features of Broadcast Texting Software

Broadcast messaging is a very popular tool for progressive campaigns and organizations. It’s easy to use and great for rapid response — a tactic that many organizing teams often need to leverage. So, it’s not a surprise that there are a number of broadcast texting software to choose from these days. 

But how do organizing teams choose the best broadcast texting software? These are the top must-have features to look for when considering software options for broadcast messaging:

1. Performance Tracking

Without tracking performance, organizers will have a tough time refining their outreach and engagement strategy since they’ll be sending texts without any idea how their message resonates with recipients. Organizing teams should have a clear view of the key metrics of their messaging campaign, like the number of responses to an initial broadcast message or link clicks. Plus, it shouldn't be difficult to access this data. The top broadcast texting software should present performance metrics reliably in an organized dashboard or report. 

2. Two-way Communication

The selling point of broadcast texting is its ability to send messages to thousands (or millions) of people in just a few minutes, but what happens when organizing teams want more than a one-way conversation at a large scale? Peer-to-peer texting is one great solution for this, but it’s not always the most viable — peer-to-peer conversations require time and a group of volunteers to send messages individually. 

The best broadcast texting software will allow teams to assign a group of dedicated volunteers or staff members to host two-way conversations with recipients after an initial broadcast message. This way, organizing teams can send messages efficiently while benefiting from the personalization of one-on-one interaction with any recipient that chooses to respond. 

3. Automatic Responses and Script Set Up

For the most optimal onboarding experience, everyone that opts into a broadcast list should receive a form of confirmation that they have joined the list. The right broadcast texting software will make this confirmation easy to set up through customizable automatic responses. Organizing teams should also have the ability to set up messaging scripts for assigned volunteers or staff to use while responding to broadcast recipients. This ensures consistency in messaging and makes it easy and quick to have back-and-forth conversations, too. 

4. MMS Support and Message Personalization

MMS (multimedia messaging service) support takes broadcast messages to the next level; images, videos, and other visual media make a message really pop. It also adds a level of personalization that can’t always be conveyed through SMS messages. And since adults under 45 exchange an average of 85+ texts a day, organizing teams need to plan their broadcast message strategically to catch the attention of the broadcast recipients. MMS support in broadcast messages ensures that teams can send messages with the best chances of engagement.

Additionally, the best broadcast texting software allows organizing teams to insert custom dynamic fields into a broadcast message so each message populates with each recipient’s name. Details like this help the broadcast texts stand out in an inbox full of messages. 

The Leading Broadcast Texting Software: Impactive

Impactive’s Broadcast Texting tool is the most streamlined mass messaging tool for progressive campaigns and organizations. Groups that use Impactive can set up opt-in forms to build their broadcast list, send broadcast messages to segmented audiences, and more. Broadcast Texting also merges smoothly with Impactive’s other texting tools, like Peer-to-Peer Texting. Teams can get access to the essential texting tools, all in one platform! 

Broadcast texting should be quick, simple, and flexible to an organizing team’s needs. And although broadcast messaging is simple, the best broadcast texting tool will make the process completely effortless. For the most seamless broadcast messaging experience, organizing teams should look for broadcast texting software with the five features mentioned above.

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