7 Best Mobile Fundraising Tools for Nonprofits

For nonprofit organizations, fundraising is an ongoing, essential action. And with 97% of Americans owning phones and up to 85% owning a smartphone, it’s only natural that nonprofit organizations should reach supporters with fundraising accessible on mobile devices. Here are our top picks for effective nonprofit mobile fundraising tools: 

1. Impactive - Best for All-in-One Mobile Fundraising for Nonprofits

Impactive is the best tool for all-in-one fundraising. Impactive’s suite of solutions includes Friends & Family Messaging, Peer-to-Peer Texting, Social Media Sharing, and more. These various tools allow nonprofits to stay versatile when planning mobile fundraising strategy, and use multiple forms of outreach. Through Impactive, fundraisers can message their own contacts for effective outreach, send texts quickly to large supporter lists, or share messages and content on their social media platforms. 

2. GoFundMe - Best for Social Media Sharing

GoFundMe is a well-known crowdfunding site, but it’s also valuable for nonprofit organizations seeking to share fundraising campaigns instantly. Because the success of GoFundMe campaigns rely on how widely they’re shared, nonprofits with a robust social media presence will likely benefit the most from this service.

3. Coin Up - Best for “Set it and Forget it” Fundraising

Coin Up is an app that allows supporters to donate their spare change to the organization of their choice. With every purchase that a supporter makes after linking their debit or credit card, Coin Up will “Round Up and Donate” spare change from every purchase at the end of each month. Supporters can also choose to donate a fixed amount monthly, with a recurring minimum donation of $5. Nonprofits that partner with CoinUp will benefit from receiving a monthly donation from loyal supporters. 

4. Givelify - Best for Reaching Frequent Donors

Givelify is a giving platform and mobile donation app that allows individuals to find and donate to various organizations. When nonprofits partner with Givelify and list their organization, they connect with donors that may not initially know the organization, but are interested in finding organizations that align with their values. With Givelify, nonprofits can create custom fundraising campaigns, send targeted thank you messages, and start live feeds of incoming donations. 

5. CharityMiles - Best for “Active” Mobile Fundraising

CharityMiles is the best tool to boost mobile fundraising for nonprofit organizations with supporters who love to stay active. Nonprofits that partner with CharityMiles benefit from each mile a supporter runs, walks, dances, or bikes. CharityMiles also offers its Employee Empowerment Program, which allows companies to sponsor employees to move for any charity of their choice. Encourage supporters to engage their employers to double (or even triple) impact. 

6. Mobile Giving Foundation - Best for Text-to-Give Programs

For organizations that value text-to-give fundraising campaigns, Mobile Giving Foundation provides a direct connection with mobile carriers in the United States, like Verizon Wireless, to boost mobile fundraising for nonprofits. Nonprofits benefit by directly receiving 100% of mobile donations — the participating wireless operators don’t charge any fees usually occurred with a text-to-give campaign (though a one-time application fee applies). Nonprofit organizations must apply for a Mobile Giving Foundation partnership.

7. Funraise - Best for Email Fundraising

Funraise is a fundraising software with a convenient and easy-to-use email editor that allows nonprofits to send customized fundraising emails to supporters. 85% of users accessing their email by smartphone, so email fundraising is still valuable for nonprofits’ mobile fundraising initiatives. Funraise allows nonprofits to send automated emails based on donor activity and create templates for any email campaign designed to fit an organization’s brand and goals. 

Successful fundraising relies on many factors: messaging, connection to a supporter’s values, goal amount, and so on. And of course, ease of access to donating. With one (or more) of the services listed here, mobile fundraising for nonprofits can be seamless and effortless. 

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