Text messaging is one of the best ways to reach volunteers and supporters. In fact, 90% of SMS messages are opened within 3 minutes, and 99% are opened within 20 minutes, far exceeding the effectiveness of other communication channels. 

As a result, texting has always been core to Impactive — volunteers sent over 200 million friend-to-friend and peer-to-peer text segments during the last election cycle. Now, we’re thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our text messaging toolkit: Broadcast Texting on Impactive. 

Broadcast Texting (sometimes called mass texting) is the quickest and easiest way for campaigns and organizations to share information about upcoming events, send reminders to volunteers, and connect with supporters quickly.  But our new functionality doesn’t stop there: our Broadcast Texting tool is supercharged by exciting additional capabilities to make it the most streamlined tool for sending mass messages. Build subscriber lists, send texts, continue two-way conversations, track message performance, and more with Broadcast Texting. 

Immediately Start Texting Opted-In Subscribers

All it takes to start texting with Impactive’s Broadcast Texting is a list of subscribers. 

Campaigns and organizations can easily import any existing broadcast lists to Impactive and start texting opted-in subscribers right away. Send mass messages with your own short code, or use the broadcast phone number automatically provided when your team enables Broadcast Texting. Once you have Broadcast enabled on your account, follow the steps in our Help Center to import lists and start sending messages

Track the Performance of Broadcast Messages at Any Time

There’s no need to wonder how your broadcast messages performed — with Broadcast Texting, campaigns and organizations get a clear view of multiple performance indicators for each message.

Teams get an overview of metrics including all messages sent, link clicks, response rates, follow-ups, opt-outs, as well as a view of the full list of contacts that received the broadcast message. In fact, this list of contacts includes individual engagement metrics for each recipient, like the number of responses and link clicks. You can view similar metrics for the list of volunteers or staff members who were assigned to respond to broadcast recipients. 

Conveniently, your team can also export all responses and follow-up messages to a broadcast message to analyze performance on a detailed level. 

Continue Two-Way Conversations After an Initial Broadcast

Keep conversations going after an initial Broadcast message with the same back-and-forth nurturing opportunities of Peer-to-Peer Texting.

Campaigns and organizations can assign (and re-assign) lists of dedicated volunteers or staff members to reply to questions or responses that trickle in after a broadcast message blast, which means your team can benefit from mass communication without losing the ability to have one-on-one conversations. Just like our Peer-to-Peer Texting functionality, Broadcast Texting enables you to set up follow-up scripts so designated volunteers or staff members can respond to broadcast recipients smoothly. 

Responses to broadcast messages show up in the same user-friendly inbox on the web and mobile app that houses peer-to-peer and relational messages, allowing volunteers to keep track of all of their conversations in one centralized location. Volunteers can also fill out reports (synced back to NGP VAN) for each conversation with Broadcast recipients.

Grow Lists with Seamless Mobile Opt-In

Supporters can opt-in to Broadcast lists in just two clicks with our innovative mobile opt-in forms. 

To leverage seamless mobile opt-in, your team can create branded opt-in forms to distribute with supporters in multiple ways. Embed the link to your opt-in form on your website, include it in emails, share it out on your social media platforms, or even set up a QR code for physical flyers and mailers. And even better, volunteers can send the link out via Friends and Family Messaging or Peer-to-Peer Texting, which expands your broadcast outreach to those in personal networks and already existing contact lists.

Volunteers can also directly share opt-in keyword instructions on- and off-line for a simple text-to-join journey (ex. text START to 012345). In a couple of minutes, supporters will be subscribed to receive the latest updates from your organization or campaign. Even better, your team can set up unique automatic responses for each specific opt-in form or keyword used to subscribe supporters. Read more about how mobile opt-in works in our Help Center.  

“We’ve been using Broadcast Messaging to recruit volunteers to our weekly relational textbanks. A bunch of people turned up to our meeting because we used it. Broadcast is becoming a really popular tool at Community Change, not just for our relational program, so this will be an exciting initiative for us.”
- Bartosz Kumor, Relational Voter Program Manager at Community Change Action

ALL-IN-ONE: Broadcast Texting PLUS Friends and Family Messaging and Peer-to-Peer Texting

Broadcast Texting integrates seamlessly with Friends and Family Messaging and Peer-to-Peer Texting to give campaigns and organizations access to all three essential texting tools in one powerful digital organizing platform. 


Volunteers can use Friends and Family Messaging to send individual, trackable opt-in links to their friends and family to jumpstart the process of relational organizing. With Peer-to-Peer Texting, volunteers can encourage contacts to opt-in to receive the latest updates from your team. Ultimately, campaigns can use a combination of these tools and Broadcast Texting to grow subscriber lists, automatically send information after an opt-in, and keep supports informed of the latest updates.

Broadcast Texting is the most powerful way to connect with voters, build engaged subscriber lists, boost event attendance, motivate volunteers, and more. Broadcast messages are charged at the same rate as your peer-to-peer message rate for both SMS and MMS (coming soon).

If your team has an active account with Impactive, visit our Help Center article here to learn how to get started with Broadcast Texting.

If you’re new to Impactive, sign up for a demo to learn how Impactive’s texting tools can power your organizing efforts. 

Sep 23, 2021
Impactive News