Since 2017, Impactive partners have made a tremendous impact on races and issues nationwide. 2022 was an impressive continuation of this pattern — hundreds of progressive organizations and Democratic campaigns mobilized to increase voter turnout, elect new leaders, and advocate for pressing issues like reproductive rights and climate justice.

Take a look at our year in review to learn how our partners made a difference in 2022:

Peer-to-Peer Texting

Peer-to-Peer Texting is a staple of modern voter outreach; this was demonstrated by the sheer number of texts that Impactive partners sent this year. Despite new 10DLC regulations, our partners held more than 8,000 text banks and sent nearly 70,000,000 texts to engage voters, volunteers, and supporters. 

Tweet by Santiago Mayer, Founder and Executive Director of Voters of Tomorrow

In particular, Gen Z organizers used Peer-to-Peer Texting to create an inspiring political movement. With Impactive, Voters of Tomorrow led a monumental push to mobilize the youth vote across the country and sent almost 10 million texts to fellow Gen Z voters. In fact, their text banks were so popular that Voters of Tomorrow exceeded limits on their Zoom account! In the end, these dedicated efforts contributed to the second-highest youth voter turnout in several decades.

Phone Banking

Our predictive dialer joined our suite of organizing tools at the end of 2021 and quickly became a critical tool for many of our partners. This year, Impactive powered over 5,000 phone banks and more than 5,500,000 calls for voter persuasion and GOTV efforts.

Tweet by Andre Carson, U.S. representative for Indiana's 7th congressional

For many electoral races, consistent phone banking efforts in the months leading up to Election Day were the key to victory. For example, organizers with Andre Carson for Congress held weekly phone banks for several months to get out the vote. On November 8, voters re-elected Andre Carson to the House of Representatives. He remains the second Muslim U.S. congressman ever elected.

Voter Registration

Following successful collaborations in 2020 with our Custom Voter Registration tool, we revamped our technology and partnered with some of the biggest civic engagement organizations in the U.S. to get voters to the ballot box in  2022. As a result, we drove over 393,000 unique voter registration checks with unprecedented conversion rates of up to 70% for several sweepstakes offerings. 

Campaigns from Headcount's Good to Vote program

One such collaboration was with Headcount, which used Custom Voter Registration to power its Good to Vote initiative. Headcount teamed up with top celebrities like Harry Styles, Meghan Trainor, and Stephen Colbert to incentivize Americans to check their registration status and get ready to vote. These campaigns captured the attention of voters across the country and drove hundreds of thousands of voter registration checks.

Broadcast Texting

Broadcast Texting is the best way to get the word out to millions of people at once. In 2022, Impactive partners sent almost a million texts to build an engaged community of supporters.

Example of a broadcast message via Impactive

This year, Community Change Action (CCA) leveraged broadcast messaging to rally volunteers. To engage their community, CCA sent broadcast texts inviting volunteers to participate in text banks or join virtual GOTV events. And when breaking news required swift action, a single broadcast message mobilized CCA's Rapid Response Squad. Thanks to regular broadcast reminders, CCA events were full of engaged volunteers. 

Relational Organizing 

Relational outreach is the cornerstone of authentic community organizing, and our Friends and Family Messaging toolkit continued to spark active volunteer engagement this year. Volunteers used Impactive to send hundreds of thousands of friend-to-friend messages.

Example of a Friend-to-Friend action on Impactive

For our partners protecting abortion rights, relational outreach was key to national mobilization. In the aftermath of the leaked decision to overrule Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood used friend-to-friend actions to amplify its response to the threat to abortion rights. On Impactive, Planned Parenthood encouraged volunteers to prompt friends and family to join the national Bans Off Our Bodies March by attending a local rally. Volunteers stepped up and sent hundreds of friend-to-friend texts, contributing to the overall success of that important day of action. 

Our Work Continues

Our team is so grateful that our partners choose to organize with our tech, and we’re committed to innovating to make your work even more impactful. We look forward to building many more critical movements on our platform in 2023 to support the fight for voter protections, reproductive justice, racial equity, workers' rights, and so much more. For now, we wish you a restful, joyful holiday season. 

Stay tuned for our full 2022 Impact Report, coming soon!

Interested in learning how we can work together in 2023? Reach out to us at to start a conversation. 

Dec 20, 2022
Impactive News