Digital tools and social media have created new and exciting possibilities for those looking to effect change in their community. Now, community organizers can use tools specifically designed for grassroots advocacy to increase their reach exponentially.

Check out these four grassroots advocacy tools to help you activate supporters and launch campaigns for long-lasting impact:


Campaigns that want multiple outreach options with an easy-to-use volunteer platform should activate Impactive. Impactive is the leading all-in-one digital organizing platform built for grassroots mobilization. It offers all the cutting-edge solutions that advocacy organizations need: phone banking, broadcast texting, voter registration, peer-to-peer texting, and more. 

Most notably, Impactive offers a full relational organizing suite with tools like Friends and Family Messaging and relational canvassing. Given that relational organizing is a tried-and-true tactic for grassroots advocacy groups, Impactive is a great tool to strengthen your organizing efforts. 

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Every robust advocacy effort needs a reliable customer relationship management (CRM) system. If you're in the market for a new CRM tool, try Muster CRM, a software option just for advocacy groups. This platform can help you create supporter lists within specific geographic targets, match contacts within district lines, and track relationships between supporters and elected officials. 

The best part of this grassroots advocacy software tool is its ability to show geo-targeted locations on a map. This visualization of key areas can help you understand district size, priority areas to canvass, and other geographic details for your advocacy campaign. Skip the process of tracking dozens (or even hundreds) of zip codes on a spreadsheet! 

Learn more about Muster here.


Among advocacy software tools, Mobilize is the best choice for event management and volunteer recruitment. Trusted by organizations like NARAL Pro-Choice America and Sierra Club, Mobilize allows you to easily manage events for your grassroots activities. 

Getting started with this platform is easy — just create an event form! You can also ensure high attendance for volunteer events with the automated email and text messaging functionality. Additionally, Mobilize integrates with ActionKit and EveryAction to easily sync volunteer data from platform to platform, making volunteer and supporter management seamless.

Learn more about Mobilize here.


Looking to implement new video strategies in your grassroots advocacy work? Consider using Soapboxx, a platform that allows you to collect videos from your community. These videos can then be distributed for digital campaigns, like social media or email marketing. 

Best of all, the platform provides solutions that reduce the amount of time needed to produce a video, with options for branding, captions, or end cards. Overall, Soapboxx is a great way to promote authentic storytelling without fuss or hassle. 

Learn more about Soapboxx here

Why Should I Use Grassroots Advocacy Software Tools?

Grassroots advocacy, which focuses on community-powered activism, is most effective when organizers can spread their message far and wide. 

Some community members may not even realize that they care about a cause until a grassroots organizer reaches out to them. Others may care about the cause but aren't sure how to take the first step toward action.

That’s where grassroots advocacy software tools come in handy — these tools can bring community stakeholders together to prompt passive supporters to eventually become leaders, spread awareness, mobilize for a cause, and much more. 

Grassroots advocacy remains the best tactic for people to fight for the change they want to see. Try these four tools to make organizing easier!

Sep 30, 2022
Tools & Tech