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Top 4 Grassroots Advocacy Software Tools To Use Today

Grassroots advocacy remains the best tactic for people to fight for the change they want to see. Try these four tools to make organizing easier!
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5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Political Canvassing

Curious about the basics of political canvassing? We have answers to 5 of the most frequently asked questions about engaging voters for your campaign!
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The Impact: June Updates from the Impactive Team

In June, we launched List Canvassing, added a streamlined tool to stay updated on your 10DLC status, and more!
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Impactive’s Biggest Improvements Since 2020

In the past year and a half, we’ve made a number of product improvements to evolve into a more versatile and advanced tool. Read about our biggest improvements since 2020!
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Introducing Custom Voter Registration on Impactive

Ready to level up your voter outreach? Custom Voter Registration on Impactive allows you to start engaging voters from the day they check their registration. Gamify civic engagement with influencer-driven outreach, friendly competition, and incentives to motivate voters!