In 2020, millions of people took action using digital organizing tools like Mobilize and Impactive. In the process, volunteers achieved tremendous successes, and organizations gained valuable learnings.

In our recent webinar, “Supercharging your Community Actions with Mobilize and Impactive,” we teamed up with organizing experts from Mobilize and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to discuss key learnings from organizing efforts during the 2020 election and share solutions for maximizing supporter engagement and outreach. 

Jonathan Kaspari and David Ward, guest speakers from SEIU, shared the following insights they gained from SEIU’s successful mobilization of voters during the 2020 election:

  1. Relational organizing was a key strategy for voter mobilization efforts. SEIU organizers used Impactive to create a relational organizing campaign called The Vote Squad, which focused on voter education and turnout. Volunteers in The Vote Squad reached 22,000 relational contacts on Impactive, messaging them about voter registration, candidate preferences, and more. They also boosted event sign-ups for organizing events by nearly 10% using Mobilize’s Bring a Friend functionality.
  1. Impactive and Mobilize provided the infrastructure for SEIU to increase member engagement and visibility into member participation. SEIU organizers increased member engagement on the Impactive app by incorporating relational organizing tactics into larger member events and hosting friend banks (text banking for friends and family). To make sure every member was fully onboarded to the Impactive app, SEIU hosted weekly trainings for staff and members. SEIU also used Mobilize to host events for different candidates, which allowed them to monitor which members were engaging and volunteering during the 2020 election cycle. 

In addition to these learnings, SEIU speakers encouraged organizers to create effective messaging by highlighting the immediate impact of volunteers’ actions. They also shared that including links to actions or donation pages directly within initial messages resulted in a higher action rate.

Melinda Amato, Senior Client Strategy Advisor at Impactive, and Kathleen Wein, Senior Account Executive at Mobilize, shared how Impactive and Mobilize can increase supporter engagement and impact:

  1. Organizations can leverage data from Impactive and Mobilize to better understand supporter engagement, and empower top volunteers through weekly shout-outs or leadership opportunities.
  2. Volunteers can activate personal networks for relational organizing through features like Friends and Family Messaging and Mobilize’s Bring a Friend functionality. 
  3. Organizations can use rapid response tactics for quick mobilization by sending peer-to-peer texts or sending out links for action.

SEIU continues to use Impactive and Mobilize to strengthen member engagement and outreach. This year, SEIU plans to strengthen programs on Impactive to increase member leadership, drive deeper engagement, and support internal and external advocacy efforts. We’re thrilled to partner with SEIU and look forward to seeing the innovative ways SEIU uses Impactive to power their digital organizing efforts. 

Watch the full webinar here

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Jul 26, 2021
Webinar Recaps