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“Council Districts 1 and 7 had low contact rates for cold texting, so we utilized friend-to-friend texting to curate a better experience and garner a higher response rate from voters. Friend-to-friend texting helped our campaign do vote planning and vote tripling with voters, led to easier and better contact rates due to warmer, friendlier messages, and encouraged volunteers to come back because of how easy and fun it was.”

- Team Smith for Senate

Tina Smith won her senatorial re-election 48.8% to 43.5% (by a margin of 170,000 votes). She had 350 volunteers on Impactive.

Michelle Ngwafon, Smith’s Organizing Director, gave a glimpse into how Impactive helped secure this victory.

In order to make the campaign as successful as it was they relied on volunteers who preferred texting over calling, utilized an active group of volunteer texters, used Slack as a virtual volunteer hub, and streamlined use of Impactive without ongoing training from Smith’s staff. Volunteers were able to find responses to common questions in the response chains and in Slack and were able to easily relay this information to voters. Volunteers were able to continue texting without needing new lists assigned to them because of this set-up as well.

The Young Minnesotans for Tina group used Friend-to-Friend texts adding a layer of sophistication to their previous approach of looking for people on Instagram to direct message. They appreciated that the app automatically connected to their friends’ list.

Smith’s campaign utilized Impactive to send out curated messaging around different events including Women’s Day of Action where they only contacted women about voting by mail and early voting in person. That campaign also included a vote tripling script where voters were prompted to ask 3 women in their life to vote by mail. They used Impactive to send out the latest information about returning ballots to a ballot box vs returning it by mail and other last minute changes.

The most successful campaign for Tina Smith on Impactive happened on the day Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed - they sent out a message to everyone and pulled a  list of people who hadn’t returned their ballot yet and contacted over 100,000 people in 18 hours.

Additional advice from Michelle is to direct voters with questions to your website, avoid persuasion and policy arguments over text message, and do a/b testing with your messaging and how you are communicating.

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