Event reminders, fundraising appeals, consistent updates — what do they have in common? They all further one goal: to increase supporter engagement. Supporter engagement is one of the most crucial ways that organizations and campaigns can maintain a positive relationship with their most valued audience, and ultimately increase their impact. 

Supporter engagement requires time and effort, but organizations and campaigns have a way to reach thousands of supporters in just a few clicks: broadcast messaging. Here’s how to use broadcast texting to increase supporter engagement: 

1. Leverage multiple opt-in codes to build supporter lists. 

Today’s innovative technology allows supporters to sign up to receive messages by simply texting an opt-in keyword to a dedicated broadcast long code or short code. Although teams can use just one opt-in keyword to grow their subscriber list, they should actually set up multiple keywords for different broadcast campaigns. 

For example, teams could set up a keyword like “RSVP” for supporters interested in getting the latest updates about an upcoming event. Or, supporters could text “DONATE” to receive a link to the team’s donation page, right in their text inbox. 

Using different opt-in codes gives teams more insight into what messaging points interest supporters most. Organizations and campaigns can test different keywords with varying messages to see what works best with their audience. Plus, this allows teams to set up unique automatic responses to each keyword to make sure supporters receive the best welcome message for subscribing. In the example above, those who texted “RSVP” would instantly receive event details in their welcome message. 

2. Schedule broadcast messages in advance to remind supporters of recurring events. 

A great solution for teams wondering how to use broadcast texting efficiently is to send scheduled reminders for events via broadcast text and increase volunteer engagement and increase turnout. Nearly all Americans have a mobile phone, which means text messaging is one of the best ways to reach people. 

For example, organizing teams that host regularly scheduled phone or text banks can send broadcast messages the day before the event, encouraging volunteers to join. Volunteers can even respond to these broadcast messages to confirm their RSVP, which gives the team an accurate count of people who intend to attend. 

Since volunteers don’t need to navigate to another app or webpage to confirm their RSVP, they’ll be more inclined to respond to the team’s message. Plus, organizations and campaigns can quickly and easily improve attendance rates and stay top-of-mind for volunteers. 

3. Use broadcast messages to jumpstart one-on-one conversations.

One of the benefits of broadcast messaging is the ability to reach a whole list of contacts in a few minutes. But in moments when one message isn’t enough, teams can use broadcast messages to start a conversation with supporters, then continue the conversation in a similar manner to peer-to-peer texting.

For example, teams thinking about how to use broadcast texting to increase supporter engagement can use this method to learn more about their supporters. They can send out broadcast messages asking supporters to respond with what issue is most pertinent to them at the moment. Teams can assign volunteers or staff members to respond to these messages and foster one-on-one connections with supporters.

This method is especially useful for political campaigns and advocacy groups that are tackling multiple issues. It combines the efficiency of broadcast messages with the personal nature of person-to-person communication and provides valuable information about the priorities of their supporters.

How to Use Broadcast Texting with Impactive

Impactive’s Broadcast Texting functionality allows organizations and campaigns to use all of the methods above and more. In fact, two-way conversations, seamless mobile opt-in, and message scheduling are all key features of our powerful broadcast tool. Teams can even use Broadcast Texting alongside Friends and Family Messaging and Peer-to-Peer Texting to supercharge their supporter outreach and engagement.

Every team will have a different objective for increasing supporter engagement — it can deepen community building, strengthen donor results, and develop grassroots power. In the end, supporter engagement is all about building and maintaining relationships with those who sustain the organization or campaign. Teams wondering how to use broadcast texting can include these methods into their engagement strategies.

Nov 2, 2021
Tools & Tech