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From the Field

6 Tips for Perfecting Mobile Volunteer Communications

Mobile or SMS volunteer communications are a great way to connect with supporters quickly to drive urgent support. Use these tips to improve mobile outreach.
From the Field

4 Tips for Creating Effective Volunteer Recruitment Messages

Your political campaign or advocacy organization can’t thrive without dedicated volunteers. Learn how to craft effective volunteer recruitment messages in this guide.
From the Field

Compelling Your Supporters to Share Organic Content on Social Media

User-generated content (UGC) is an impactful and efficient way to build buzz on social media; tools like SoSha and Impactive help you compel your supporters to share organic content and make an impact.
From the Field

3 Tips to Create a Fulfilling Virtual Volunteer Experience

Creating rewarding experiences will inspire virtual volunteers to stick around. Explore proven tips to engage your organization's online volunteers.
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2022 Impact Report

Read our full 2022 Impact Report to learn what Impactive partners achieved last year with our tech!