In 2020, Impactive provided the digital infrastructure for tens of thousands of Americans to register to vote. Now, we’re thrilled to announce the relaunch of new and improved Custom Voter Registration on Impactive ahead of this pivotal election season.

With Custom Voter Registration, you can engage voters from the moment they check their voter registration status all the way up to Election Day. Create your own branded, gamified voter registration pages to harness the power of community action. Then, use any of our outreach tools to make sure voters are informed and prepared when it’s time to cast their ballot.

Here’s how we’re powering game-changing civic engagement campaigns to mobilize voters:

Create Branded Team Pages to Gamify Your Campaign

Drive registrations via community engagement with branded team pages and a gamified flow. Branded team pages are built entirely on the Impactive platform, so there’s no need for complex embedding within your existing tools; simply share your page URL with your audience and start registration checks. 

You can easily create multiple customized pages for teams led by influencers, community leaders, campaign surrogates, or top volunteers. To further connect team leaders with their community, campaigns have the option to embed videos, streaming links, and other interactive content on their landing page to compel supporters to take action. 

Once you create team pages, fire up some friendly competition: teams can race to garner as many registration checks as possible. Completed registration checks via a team’s specific page will count towards the team's goal. After checking their registration, supporters will be prompted to share their own trackable referral link with their friends and family. Any registration checks from these referrals are also attributed back to the team.

For extra motivation, campaigns can establish incentives for the competition, which are displayed right on the team pages. At any time, voters can find out which teams and individual supporters are driving the most registrations in the competition for the prize. 

In the past, organizations have teamed up with influencers to drive substantial traffic to voter registration pages. In 2020, Up to Us used Custom Voter Registration on Impactive to activate Gen Z for civic participation. By partnering with TikTok influencers and hosting a Tesla giveaway, Up to Us was able to register over 40,000 voters. Read more about their success here

Prompt Registration Checks With a Simple User Flow

All voters need to check their registration are their basic contact details: their full name, date of birth, address, email, and phone number. Then, our voter registration tool will match them to the national voter file (via TargetSmart). If properly matched, voters will see their:

  • Registration status
  • Registered address
  • Registration deadlines
  • Election dates for the voter’s state

Plus, voters that want to print out an application or request a mailed application to vote by mail will be redirected to state-specific instructions for doing so. Eligible voters who aren't registered yet or can’t be matched to the voter file will be directed to their Secretary of State website to start their registration.

Engage Voters From Day One

Custom Voter Registration enables campaigns to create end-to-end voter engagement programs. When voters check their registration, all of their contact information is automatically stored in your Impactive campaign. You can start engaging new supporters from the moment they check their registration, without having to import or export any contact lists!

Custom Voter Registration links seamlessly with all Impactive outreach tools, including Broadcast Texting. Voters opt in to receive communications when they submit their form, so you can send mass text messages to prompt additional action right away. Use Broadcast Texting and Custom Voter Registration to:

  • Encourage voters to continue sending referral links to their team’s voter registration page
  • Invite supporters to increase their impact by joining a text or phone bank
  • Share instructions on how to request an absentee or mail-in ballot
  • Inform voters of their Election Day rights
  • And more! Learn how to leverage the full suite of Impactive digital organizing tools for civic engagement and advocacy here.

Our Broadcast Texting tool also allows two-way conversations to enable campaigns to respond to any incoming questions or replies after an initial broadcast message. For additional relationship building with contacts, leverage our Peer-to-Peer Texting and Phone Banking tools.

Boost Your Reach With Trackable Referral Links

We know that relational organizing (outreach from friends and family) is the most effective way to get people to take action. Trackable referral links allow campaign staffers and volunteers to easily share registration pages with friends, family, and others they meet in the days leading up to Election Day. 

Each voter that completes a voter registration check will be prompted to copy a personalized link to share the voter registration campaign with those in their network. When those contacts check their registration through referral links, campaigns will be able to view:

  • Total clicks for each referral link
  • The voter who referred them
  • The team that the referrer belongs to

Campaign staffers and volunteers on the ground can even leverage trackable referral links to create QR codes for flyers, mailers, and more. Encourage canvassers to share their own referral QR code as they go door-to-door, and watch the number of registration checks multiply! 

Most importantly, you can maintain an up-to-date view of their GOTV efforts by syncing voter registration data to CRM platforms like NGP VAN. 

Get Started With Your Voter Registration Campaign

Ready to set up your own custom voter registration drive? Pricing starts at $0.08 per unique voter registration check, with discounts available for bulk commitments. 

Existing clients can contact to get access right away. New and returning clients can schedule a demo to learn more about getting out the vote with Impactive. 

Apr 19, 2022
Impactive News