New Release

Phone Banking with Impactive

We built a dialer from the ground up! Impactive’s predictive dialer is the first phone banking tool available on mobile AND web. Administrators can set up dynamic, interactive scripts without any complicated IF/THEN setups; they can also designate their own call queuers so there's no delay from any third-party agents. Additionally, our predictive dialing software cuts voicemails, busy signals, and disconnected lines so volunteers can call dozens of contacts an hour.

And the best part? Organizers have full control to manage and scale their phone banks on Impactive. Our phone banking tool allows quick uploads of lists as large as 1 million contacts and connects to NGP VAN via two-way sync.

Learn more about the dialer here.

Product Updates

Expanded Contact and Action Filtering
Campaign administrators on Impactive can now manage their contacts and actions much more easily with our expanded filtering and search capabilities. Use new filters like “is/is not”, “received/not received”, “has/has not”, and several others to build contact lists directly on Impactive, without having to jump back to NGP VAN or other CRMs.

Additionally, we heard that the ability to search for specific actions was in high demand — so we updated our Actions page to include a search bar.

What We're Reading

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We're Hiring

Impactive is growing! We’re looking for team members who are passionate about social impact and interested in using their skills to support progressive campaigns and causes.


👉 Senior Software Engineer (React Focused)

This person will own and maintain the entire Impactive user-facing stack on both web and mobile. Ideal candidates have spent 3+ yrs working with React and/or React Native and 5+ years working with Javascript, HTML, and CSS.


Apply here.


👉 Senior Software Engineer (Rails Focused)

This person will own and maintain the entire Impactive backend. Ideal candidates have spent 5+ years working with Ruby on Rails + Sidekiq + RSpec.


Apply here.

Dec 22, 2021
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