Product Updates

Spanish Welcome Content

Previously, users on the Spanish version of the mobile app received welcome content only in English. Now, administrators on Impactive have the option to set up Spanish welcome content for volunteers! Enjoy onboarding text, welcome messages, and more in Spanish.

Learn more about Spanish welcome content here.

Automatic Archiving on the Web Inbox

Say goodbye to cluttered inboxes! Impactive now automatically removes all messages in the inbox from contacts who respond with opt-out language such as stop, unsubscribe, or cancel. Plus, volunteers can turn on an automatic archiving setting to instantly archive messages after a report is filled for the conversation. Look for it in the bottom right corner of the web inbox.

Learn more about automatic archiving on the web inbox here.

Webinar Preview

Leveraging Impactive for Fundraising in 2022

This week, we hosted a webinar about fundraising successfully with Impactive.


We discussed best practices for communicating efficiently and impactfully with donors. Plus, we shared tips for:

  • Using broadcast and relational messaging to reach new donors and boost fundraising
  • Creating attention-grabbing scripts and outreach messages to boost donation rates
  • Harnessing the power of an all-in-one suite to streamline coordination for outreach efforts like fundraising
  • And more!

For the full recording of this webinar and past webinars, visit our Events page.

On the Blog

4 Must-Have Features of Broadcast Texting Software

Check out the top features to look for when considering software options for broadcast messaging.

Read the post here.

How to Manage Volunteers Effectively

The power of movements comes from the people — follow these tips for a productive and fulfilling partnership with your volunteers!

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We're Hiring

Impactive is growing! We’re looking for team members who are passionate about social impact and interested in using their skills to support progressive campaigns and causes.


👉 Account Executive

This hire will leverage their stellar interpersonal skills to forge new and develop existing relationships with key contacts in progressive organizations and Democratic electoral campaigns. Ideal candidates will have 3-5 years of experience in politics and advocacy, with a strong network within these communities. 


Apply here


👉 Senior Software Engineer (React Focused)

This hire will own and maintain the entire Impactive user-facing stack on both web and mobile. Ideal candidates have 3+ yrs working with React and/or React Native and 5+ years working with Javascript, HTML, and CSS.


Apply here.


👉 Senior Software Engineer (Rails Focused)

This hire will own and maintain the entire Impactive backend. Ideal candidates have 5+ years working with Ruby on Rails + Sidekiq + RSpec and in a consumer-facing production environment.


Apply here.

Nov 1, 2021
The Impact: Monthly Updates